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Topic: 22 yr old male Found a lump worried

Forum: Male Breast Cancer — For men who have been diagnosed or are at high risk.

Posted on: Feb 9, 2018 08:33PM

Seosamh_04 wrote:

Hey there, So a little about me

I'm 22 yrs old, from Ireland,no family history of breast cancer, overweight/obese

I was lying on my bed reading last Saturday night about 12:30am when I lightly scratched under my left nipple, that's where I found it, a pretty noticeable lump at the right side under my left nipple. I thought it was pretty near the surface because I only scratched it very lightly. There I was for about an hour prodding and poking needless to say I'd didn't get much sleep. I quietly worried for about 2 days until I plucked up the courage to say it to my mother on Tuesday, She felt it and said it was nothing, probably a lump of fat and to forget about it. I'm not going to lie I'm overweight possibly even obese I joined the gym recently to try to lose weight and it seemed to be going well. I wasn't happy and planned to make and appointment with my doctor (GP) for Thursday morning. Then Wednesday came along and I twisted my ankle. My local doctor is closed on Wednesday so I had to go to a different one, after she examined my ankle I asked her to take a look at this lump. She was very nice about it. After examining it and both sides of my chest she said that she would not be worried about it and to say it to my usual doctor when I went back to her just in case she wanted to send me for an ultrasound. I went to my local doctor today who I find very nice and very thorough. She examined me standing up and said she can definitely feel it too, and can put it between her fingers. She said it feels long and tubular. She asked me if there was anyone in my family history with breast cancer, which there is not. I told her I asked the other doctor to examine it on Wednesday. She said she was happy that I had go a second opinion. She said if I'm very worried about it she can send me for an ultrasound for peace of mind, but she said she does not think it's urgent, she said if there was others in my family who would have had it she would get me a scan straight away. Her advice was to leave it for two months and come back to her, or if I'm catastrophically worried over it to call her in the next two weeks when my ankle is healed and she will get me an appointment for an ultrasound.

So that's my story, sorry if it's very long but I am worried about it. Should I leave it for two months and go back? or should I get it done straight away? I'm happy I have the opinion of two doctors though. I'm also continuing my weight loss when my ankle heals. Any advice would be appreciated never thought I'd be on this forum. Feeling quite low at the moment shouldn't be worrying about this at 22.

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Feb 9, 2018 08:56PM anotherNYCGirl wrote:


I am sorry that you have to worry about this, and I agree that it is most likely nothing. Remember that 80-90% of ALL lumps are BENIGN, and probably even more in your age category! Chances are that it's a cyst or fibroid or any number of harmless things. But, go have the ultrasound if you need it for peace of mind! (Also, try to avoid constantly touching and feeling to see if it has changed because that will only irritate the area and may make it hurt!)

Take a deep breath and dont think the worst!!

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Feb 14, 2018 11:13AM Sunshine99 wrote:

Hi there. For your own peace of mind, I would suggest that you get an ultrasound sooner rather than later. The lump "may" go away, but if it doesn't, you'll at least be able to get some more information. My GP couldn't feel the lump in my (female) breast, but sent me for an ultrasound. I had waited over a month to make the appointment to see him, partly due to wildfires in our area, and I stewed a bit over it. Will it go away? Is it still there? Is it my imagination? You know, all those sorts of questions. Yes, mine did turn out to be cancer, but at least I knew. The tech doing the ultrasound actually called the radiologist in to look at the scan. The radiologist looked and said she wanted me back that same day for a core needle biopsy. Got the call 2 days later that it was positive. Even that was a relief just to actually know.

Bottom line - do this for you. You'll feel better knowing either way. I wish you the best!

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