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Topic: Ottawa - Dr. Gauthier - General Surgeon, QCH

Forum: Canadians Affected by Breast Cancer —

Canadian health care, clinical trials, and life in general in the north.

Posted on: Aug 18, 2015 05:35PM

Navigatingthru wrote:

I've been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, one invasive ductile carcinoma, the other non-invasive. I've met with a surgeon. Dr. Gauthier, and will be having bilateral masectomy early September. Accompanying him was a plastic surgeon, Dr. H. Lee, for discussion on immediate reconstruction, something I seem to be a good candidate for.

Is anyone familiar with either of these doctors and their work? I'm looking for some feedback. I believe Dr. Gauthier has lots of experience and a good reputation. However, Dr. Lee is fairly new and has only performed 7 surgeries to date on her own. During training she was part of 100 plus surgeries. Makes me a bit nervous...

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Mar 15, 2019 10:00AM aliasjen wrote:

Just wondering if you have any reviews for Dr Gauthier - I have been referred to him as well.

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