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Topic: Radiation Burns Post Therapy Ouch!

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Posted on: Feb 18, 2019 05:05PM - edited Feb 18, 2019 05:07PM by Janiepie5

Janiepie5 wrote:

Just completed 22 sessions of whole breast radiation, 5 of which, the last were booster treatment. Big breasted, have stage 1 tubular cancer with suspected dcis but not confirmed in pathology report. I am 68. 6 days post radiation skin has broken and I am terrified of getting an infection. Currently using flamazine with dressing on my boob being changed and cleaned twice daily by nurses. So far, no infection but good golly I worry. So want to get beyond this. Might never have had radiation if I thought my skin was going to break. Anyone elseout there in the same boat? I had lumpectomy end of October. Thought the worst was over. Now this?

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Feb 18, 2019 08:13PM Moderators wrote:

Hi there, Janiepie5! We want to welcome you to our community, although we're so sorry for what brings you here! The side effects of treatment can be just as difficult to deal with sometimes. Check out our Radiation Therapy forum, lots of great information there, and members who may be able to offer some guidance and advice!

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