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Topic: Making artwork honoring the 40,290 women who passed away in 2015

Forum: May Their Memory Live On —

Honor those who have passed.

Posted on: Nov 2, 2016 03:22PM

BodilFox wrote:

As a textile artist and bc survivor, I started an art project honoring all the women who passed away in 2015. The number, I found online, and decided to celebrate each of the women. I really cound not put my heard around the number, 40,290, but once I began the project found it overwhelming.

I slowly wrap a sewing thread around a wooden base, one turn for each woman, and leave a mark on the wood for each 100 women. It is a much bigger project than I have ever done and I didn't expect it to be so emotional. Tomorrow, I am teaming up with a percussionist and we will work on it for 8 hours ending at sunset. We are performing at ATA's storefront window in the mission district of San Francisco. She will provide chimes and other sound elements while I wrap. For each 100 turns/women, I will add my mark on the wood but also mark the window. Anyone walking by will see it.

Friends have provided names of women who passed away and each of them will receive a special mention and turn. This is very hard, but feels right to honor each women individually and together as a group. I will try to upload the 1 minute youtube I made. You can also see it on my facebook, bodilfox.



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Feb 28, 2017 03:46PM mistyeyes wrote:

That is such a high number. Cancer is a terrible disease. It is so great that you are remembering them.

IDC right- Stage IIA, Grade 3,ER-,PR+,HER2+ Dx 11/15/2016, Right, PR+, HER2+

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