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Topic: Metastatic breast cancer in spine

Forum: Managing Side Effects of Breast Cancer and Its Treatment —

This is a place to discuss concerns, tips and strategies for all types of side effects from all types of medications and treatments, (chemo/rads/hormonal/targeted/pain meds/etc.

Posted on: Nov 4, 2019 10:46PM - edited Nov 4, 2019 10:47PM by GoGirl36

GoGirl36 wrote:

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that is in my cervical thoracic and sacrum last week. I am taking Ibrance and Letrozole.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback about metastatic bone cancer in the spine about taking Ibrance and Lechter’s all and any information or guidance anybody has.

Thank you

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Nov 5, 2019 04:42AM Moderators wrote:

GoGirl36, we're sorry to welcome you to this Community, but glad you've found this place for support!

Just in case you haven't found it yet, there's an excellent Bone Mets thread in the Stage IV ONLY forum forum where you will surely find many members with similar diagnosis that can offer advice and information too!

We're all here for you, so keep us posted on how you're doing!

Best wishes,

From the Mods

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