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Posted on: Mar 17, 2023 01:33AM

Posted on: Mar 17, 2023 01:33AM

sheila82 wrote:

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with grade 2 DCIS and decided to start a treatment of 5 mg daily of temoxafen.

Has anyone taken low dose temoxafen and did you have any side effects? If so, what were they?


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Mar 22, 2023 10:42AM - edited Mar 22, 2023 10:43AM by moderators

Dear Sheila, welcome to!

We can't really help with your question, and we're sorry you haven't had any responses yet, but we are just bumping your topic back into active topics, so hopefully someone can.

We would suggest you check out the Hormonal Therapy Forum also, and perhaps in particular the Bottle of Tamoxifen topic, a very active group. Maybe you find more feedback there.

Good luck!

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