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Posted on: Sep 2, 2011 05:46AM - edited Jun 19, 2022 07:02AM by moderators

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Often, the hardest part of screening and testing isn't undergoing the tests themselves, but WAITING for results to come back. If you're like most people, you will want your test results as soon as possible.

Read here for steps you can take to feel more in control of the process:

In addition, there is a thread on Abbreviations to help you follow discussions going on in the community.

And If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer and are waiting for test results about your diagnosis, connect with others in the Discussion Board forum Diagnosed and Waiting for Test Results.

We hope this helps!

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Oct 5, 2022 01:52AM triscuit wrote:

I'm back waiting again too. I was on this site a few years ago after biopsies and finding out I was CHEK2 positive. The biopsies turned out benign, fortunately - intraductal papillomas. I have been followed with US/mammo alternating with MRI every 6 months. I gradually relaxed about the whole process and the risks and was very surprised when after my MRI a few weeks ago I got a call they wanted to do a MRI-guided biopsy on the right for a 7mm enhancement not previously seen.

I had the biopsy on Friday (not pleasant but done) and I'm trying not to worry too much. Likelihood is that it's another papilloma but I worry about the percentage with atypia and may have accompanying DCIS as well. The radiologist made me nervous by asking in a pointed way if I had had the papillomas surgically removed, which I haven't - seemed to be surprised by this. I have been followed by a breast surgeon for many years and she has said it was not necessary but now I'm worried again.

Results could come today or tomorrow. I did well over the weekend distracting myself but down to the wire I'm having a harder time. Hoping the phone rings today.

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Oct 23, 2022 03:15AM mandeakay wrote:

Hello all, I hate seeing so many people on here, however I'm glad I have found a group where I can express my concerns and maybe alleviate some anxiety. During my first mammo screen in 2016, they found a spot, had the ultrasound the same day and determined to be a cyst (Left breast) aspirated the cyst and everything has been fine since. A week before my annual mammogram I felt a small knot under areola, pcp also felt it and referred me for an ultrasound same day as mammogram ( also in left breast). Mammogram showed nothing, Ultrasound showed the spot I felt was prominent ducts, no concern, but did find a 8mm x 5mm x 5mm mixed solid / cystic mass at 12:00 periareolar area needing a biopsy. I have been unable to find my report from 2016 to see if it's the same area as the aspirated cyst but everything has been done at the same center. My biopsy was scheduled forn16 days out, I have since been able to get it scheduled 2 days sooner, so Monday the 24th. I have been a nervous wreck, even knowing that the chances of it being malignant is very low. I have been Gene tested ( my father had metastatic prostate cancer and my maternal aunt had breast cancer at a young age) I do not carry the genes they tested for, so no hereditary risk. I am a smoker, have dense breast and started my period at a young age. I've accepted the worst (I like being prepared just incase) but the wait is killing me, I'm not sure I will be able to handle the wait for the results. How long did it take for everyone to get their results back? I've seen it can take up to a month but would like to hear from others who have already gone thru this. TIA and Goodluck to those still waiting.

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Nov 23, 2022 04:14AM alwaysawaiting wrote:

Hoping for some advice. For the last 2 1/2yrs I have been on a weight loss journey and have lost roughly 100lbs. 1 1/2 yrs, 39yrs old, ago I had noticed a lump in my left breast. Went to the dr and she wanted a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. At that time they told me all looked good and it was just a fatty deposit I was feeling due to the weight loss. Because of this, I never looked at the images of the mammogram or let the concern go any further.

Now that I’ve lost all this weight and have maintained it, I wanted to have body contouring surgery and a breast augmentation. Due to this they want a mammogram. I scheduled a mammogram in October. A few days later I got the results and it stated BIRADS 0 because they noticed a 5mm mass in the left breast. Being who I am, I instantly went into research mode (pubmed, NCDI, and other accredited locations, not like webmd). With research, I needed to know more about what was seen, so I looked up the images and reports. I seen the mass they were stating and noticed 2 groups of microcalcifications. This made me look up the prior mammogram. At that time there was only 1 cluster if microcalcifications yet no one had addressed it. It was marked clearly on imaging however. So, in the 1 1/2 yrs time (now 41yrs old), there is now another group and this mass. The mass itself was wider than tall which appears to be a good thing. So while I did the reseach, I was able to just research then without going to worse case scenarios. Found a lot of neat and interesting things.

I went to the US and it took the girl forever to find it while pushing pretty hard. Upon finding it, she instantly says “don’t get upset”, I had not done anything at that point, so I found it bothering that she went there. While looking on the screen I noticed it was black but too had areas of gray in it. She turned on the color Doppler and I caught the blood flow right beside it (medical/surgical assistant for years with GXMO & more than halfway through getting BSN, I did not advise any of them of my education/experience). After capturing some images she said she was going to go make sure the radiologist was good with everything. Upon returning the radiologist came with her and they looked at the mass yet again. I caught them looking at each other on more than one occasion which I didn’t like how the tension felt. After looking at it for a couple minutes, the radiologist stated he wanted me to do a follow up in 6 months as it was so small. He is also unaware of my medical history. I straight out asked “so you don’t think this is anything concerning”. He hesitated and stated, “um, yeah, it’s most likely nothing. Like a sac of cyst, yeah it’s probably nothing.” This man has been a radiologist for like 25yrs and that was the must uncomfortable interaction I have ever had in regards to their surety, but I wanted to let it go because I want surgery.
When coming home and researching more, I just didn’t feel comfortable. Later that day I got the US report and he put me at a BIRADS 3 with recommendation for 6mo follow up. Briefly hit there were clustered microcalcifications but did not state in different locations. Called the mass then complex but stated complex group of cysts. This was not even what he said to me. I was upset because I can’t get the augmentation with a BIRADS 3. So I called my GYN to set up an appointment.

When going to that appointment, she had not looked at images and only read the report prior to speaking with me. Came in the room and was like so it looks like you have some cysts on your breast so it’s nothing really. I was like hold on. First off, it’s 1 sac supposedly, and did you even look at the images. She stated she doesn’t really do breast so she wouldn’t know what she’s looking at. I said there are 2 separate groups of clustered microcalcifications that are both clearly marked along with there are 2 areas that to me look like a cluster of veins clearly marked and the mass. She stated that they will keep an eye on it and follow up in 6mo. The one thing I kept noticing is everyone was making comments in some form or another that it was under 8mm. What is the significance of 8mm and why should a patient wait until a mass is that size prior to anyone taking it serious? Wouldn’t catching something earlier rather than later be better (researching that I found it’s because the radiologist wants to have better judgement on what it is so that they are not sending a bunch of people to get biopsies and upsetting surgeons, which in the medical field really relates to everyone wants to be right and look like the badass that never makes mistakes even though it’s interfering with earlier detections)? Well then I reminded the GYN my mom passed in Oct. 2016 with 2 different primary cancers (neither breast), my maternal grandfather passed (Oct 2013, yep hate that month) with 2 primary cancers (again neither breast and both different from my moms). My nephew passed with osteosarcoma at the age of 17 Apr 2016. I am adopted by my dad so do not know paternal medical history. During all this time spoke with someone that knows kind of some of my paternal family members and was advised that I would have a 1st cousin who in her 30’s had/has breast cancer. Unknown as to the kind or anything else or if theirs is anyone else. After going over all that, she thought maybe I should follow up with a breast specialist/surgeon.

Went to that appointment. Again, not knowing the history, she walks into the room and says it looks like you just have some breast cysts. At this point, I am getting really irritated with no one wanting to actually look at images themselves, not knowing history, and only wanting to go off what another physician said because no one wants to step on anyone’s toes. I correct her with what’s really there. She pulls up 2 of the 70 some images. Says, “oh I can see where he said sac or cysts as this right here looks like there are areas inside of this.” Told her about the calcifications and she looked at 1 other image and said “yeah I don’t see those”. I said “well they are clearly marked by a radiologist on images in there if you actually look at them.” While she was very nice in speaking to me, I still just felt dismissed and I really just wanted the BIRADS dropped so I could have surgery. So she suggested biopsy so that I could go forward or I would have to wait the 6mos. I have waited years for this surgery and I go December 16th, nope, let’s do this biopsy.

Day of biopsy with US guidance, radiologist walks in and says “this says 6mo followup recommendation, so what brings you in to do this?” Really!! Can no one just read someone else’s work and do their own work opposed to taking the lazy way out? I just tell him I want the body contouring so I need this. He says ok makes sense. Then proceeds to tell me that sense they suspect cysts, they are just going to try to aspirate it. I laughed and said, yeah, go for it. Once getting into the mass, the radiologist made the remark he was plunging back pretty hard and absolutely nothing was coming out. At that time they went ahead with the CNB. After the first pass through as he got it, he tells me “often with what I think it might be, they essentially disperse after the sample is taken because of the consistency.” Then drops the specimen into the catch cup and says it immediately sank to the bottom. Then got the US back in place to find it was still there. He was like, “oh, well it is still there”. I just responded with, “yeah, I figured it would be”. 2nd specimen, sank immediately. 3rd pass, part of the specimen sank part floated, & the same with the 4th. During the US the tech turned on color and right away the radiologist shut it down (unfortunately my experience/education came out). I didn’t get to see much this time. At the finish he told me fingers crossed it comes back benign and told me when the results should be back. We are now past that time and still no results. Also, he changed what was once a complex cyst to solid mass on the post clip placement mammogram & post procedure report. BIRADS code ZW. What does ZW mean.
Where it asked impression/findings he only put the procedure he completed. I feel like things were left out and that’s what bothers me the most. Just wondering if anyone has words f wisdom/advice? Thoughts to the things seen, how it was handled, did your biopsies take longer than expected, and really just anything? Due to my family history, I completely expect at some point in my life to get a cancer diagnosis, hopefully just not now, but if it is, I will just do what I need to, so I am not a hypochondriac thinking everything is wrong with me, I just want to move forward whatever direction that might be

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