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Topic: What does 4cm fn mean?

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For members not diagnosed with breast cancer, but waiting for test results:  Biopsy, mammogram, ultrasound, or other screening tests. Waiting is VERY difficult but remember...

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Posted on: Jul 26, 2016 09:11AM

Gordon1982 wrote:

Just had Mammogram and ultrasound. Can anyone tell me what 4cm fn means?

There was one area in right breast where she look lots of pics and changed to what I think was a blood flow screen. Spent a lot of time there. Then the left breast same thing and took measurements and said 2cm fn. Lots of pics and measements in both armpits too.

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Jul 26, 2016 08:53PM Gordon1982 wrote:

Yes there.a location...

Left breast 2 o'clock 2cm fn

Right breast something o'clock 4cm fn

Don't remember the exact location numbers. At first thought it was a 4cm mass and 2.cm mass. Then realized that would be quite large... on the screen the right breast thing she was measuring was the size of a nickle. The left one was a bit bigger than a pea.. smaller than a dime on the screen.

She spent alot of time measuring my lymph nodes too. Lots of pushing around.

Guess all I can do is wait and see what the Dr has to say. She said my doctor will have the results in 2.days...

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Aug 5, 2016 12:20PM Armyfam5 wrote:

Good luck with everything...and yes, it does mean 4cm from(f) nipple(n)

Have a great day

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Oct 8, 2019 03:38PM - edited Oct 8, 2019 04:33PM by thisiknow

Oops... sorry

Thanks for that.

It'd sure be nice if they'd simplify the Biopsy reports. It looks quite a mess. :)

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