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Topic: Terrified by what was said after biopsy

Forum: Waiting for Test Results —

For members not diagnosed with breast cancer, but waiting for test results:  Biopsy, mammogram, ultrasound, or other screening tests. Waiting is VERY difficult but remember...

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength." -- Corrie Ten Boom

Posted on: Jul 3, 2020 03:37PM

rosannadanna wrote:

Tuesday evening I found a lump in my breast. Wednesday morning I went to my PCP who sent me straight to the breast center for a mammogram. Nothing was seen on the mammogram so they did an ultrasound and were able to find it and take several measurements etc. They had me come back the same afternoon for a biopsy and to place a marker. As I was getting dressed to leave I asked them both if it was solid or liquid and the Dr told me it was a solid mass or he would not have performed a biopsy and explained the marker would stay there if my results were negative or come out when they do surgery if positive. The ultrasound technician pushed for me to schedule surgery next Friday which caught me off guard. I asked why I would need to schedule surgery without having my results back and then explained I had a breast surgeon in mind at another hospital should I need one. She told me to immediately call this surgeon and get on their schedule. I asked her what I should say because calling a surgeon before you even have results seems odd to me. She said, "Tell them that we are fairly confident you will be receiving positive results next week and you need to be scheduled for surgery ASAP."

Everything moved so fast from finding the lump to getting the biopsy, I had convinced myself that the odds were it would be negative and not to stress myself out worrying. After her comment I couldn't hear anything else she said because my mind was racing with fear and emotions. Labs are backed up due to covid so I still have to wait until Tue or Wed to hear back from them. I feel like I am constantly sick to my stomach and can't sleep. Waiting would have been easier without her comment. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Jul 3, 2020 04:05PM Jelson wrote:

This has to be terrifying for you and difficult to wrap your head around. I am so sorry that you were not going to that dark place, as so many of us do, as you waited for your biopsy results and now find you in that place. Do try to get the appointment with your preferred Breast Surgeon, you don't know how far out her appointments are being scheduled and you will have taken control of that little bit. You can then ask that your results be immediately faxed to the BS. If biopsy results are benign, you can happily cancel and say "Oh Well, Never Mind!!". Don't assume that whatever the radiologist saw was so horrific that things have to be speeded up. The moving you along at warp speed, like potential delays in your biopsy pathology might have to do with Covid-19 and the havoc wreacked with hospitals and personnel, and remember, it's always something.

Good luck

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Jul 3, 2020 04:36PM Nancy2581 wrote:

Yes it happened to me. My mammogram really didn't show anything, but the ultrasound did. The radiologist came into the room and flat out told me she thought the mass was cancer. That really upset me and I remember telling my husband how could should say that without the pathology report? I was mad and said she didn't know. Sadly for me it did turn out to be cancer and the only good thing about the radiologist telling me was when I got the phone call to tell me for sure it was cancer I wasn't as devastated since I had already gone through that. I sure hope in your case they are wrong. I would just do what they've told you to do. They may want to remove the mass whether it's cancer or not. At least they are being very proactive and got you in quickly with a mammo and ultrasound then a biopsy the same day. Most of us have to wait and wait and wait. That is the absolute worst as you know by having to wait for the pathology report. Hang in there. If it does turn out to be cancer you will get through it. I always tell everyone if wimpy me can do it so can anyone. Really hope they are wrong though.


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Jul 3, 2020 04:44PM CBK wrote:


When I was diagnosed it showed on Mammogram and they immediately moved me to ultrasound and biopsy. My radiologist told me she was pretty certain it was going to come back a malignancy, right on the spot, yes!!

So I understand how scary this is for you in the moment! It’s a long weekend now so it’s normal to feel really alone and yes sick to your stomach with anxiety.

But there are usually protocols here. First step is to meet with Breast Surgeon (good idea Jelson) and result of a positive or negative on tumor. Then I had to await tumor markers and genetic testing. My genetic testing took a couple of weeks to come back, if I recall correctly. These factors will affect what type of surgery or treatments may occur.

It will not hurt to schedule the appt with your favored breast surgeon. It might make you feel a little better that you will have someone on board to review your results when they come in!

I’m sorry you are waiting like this ... but just know there are many us here on the boards that know how you feel!

We are here for you! Hugs

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Jul 3, 2020 09:16PM - edited Jul 3, 2020 09:18PM by AliceBastable

I'm pretty sure I met with the breast surgeon before getting the biopsy results, because she's the one who called me with the official results. Go have a fun weekend while you wait, and think of all the members here (and all the people who didn't join this site) who have gone through what you are experiencing now, and our lives afterward are just fine. Maybe different in some cases, but still fine.

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Jul 4, 2020 01:06AM Rrobin0200 wrote:


Did the ultrasound tech or the radiologist give you that statement? If it were the former (tech,) they are not licensed to diagnose anything... actually s/he could loose their license for that. A tech only knows how to perform the test. And tbh, even though a radiologist can give you their opinion based on experience, only a biopsy result can give a true positive or negative.

I’m sure that whomever gave that statement had the best of intentions, BUT try to enjoy this week. You won’t know anything for certain until the BIOPSY result comes back.

Thinking of you...

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Jul 4, 2020 10:15AM rosannadanna wrote:

It was the tech who said it to me. I called my mom's breast surgeon and they said it was odd that they would say that without having lab results and asked me to wait for the results to schedule an appointment because they schedule benign and malignant appointments on different days. They did assure me they have openings the following week and could certainly get me in. I feel like my life has been turned upside-down and it is difficult not to be anxious because I have no plan or answers yet and I am a planner dang it! My husband and kids have been good, but its hard having everyone act weird around me like they are walking on egg shells. I had a good 24 hour cry fest pity party and am ready to face whatever is ahead. I'm sure I will have many more tears but for now I just want sleep! I am going to try a sleep aid tonight because I can't go on feeling like a zombie. Thank you for the responses! It is good to have people who understand.

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