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Topic: breast cancer in man

Forum: Waiting for Test Results —

For members not diagnosed with breast cancer, but waiting for test results:  Biopsy, mammogram, ultrasound, or other screening tests. Waiting is VERY difficult but remember...

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Posted on: Aug 26, 2020 01:34PM

ynyrbnys wrote:

hey, 21 years old male. I've been suffering from gynecomastia for years after taking antipsychotic drugs. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound examination, while performing the test the woman who examined me passed the findings to the one who writes on a computer and one of the findings that was recorded in my head is fibroadenoma. I'm really stressed about it. The official results will only be in three days. Are there other people here with gynecomastia who have been diagnosed with fibroadenoma? how much is rare in a man? will they are going to do research about me?

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Aug 26, 2020 01:42PM Beesie wrote:

Men can develop breast cancer.

But a fibroadenoma is not breast cancer. In women it is a very common (particularly for teenagers and women in their 20s), completely harmless mass.

Fibroadenomas are rare in men but they can develop. I remember that a male cousin of mine had a breast lump removed when he was in his teens. I don't know what it was but it might well have been a fibroadenoma (maybe it's a family thing - I had one at 16). That happened about 50 years ago and I don't think he's had any issues since.

Hopefully your mass is just a harmless fibroadenoma. Let us know what happens

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