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Topic: Surgical excision biopsy of intraductal papilloma with ALH

Forum: Waiting for Test Results —

For members not diagnosed with breast cancer, but waiting for test results:  Biopsy, mammogram, ultrasound, or other screening tests. Waiting is VERY difficult but remember...

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Posted on: Apr 22, 2021 05:50AM

Oxbury wrote:

I had the biopsy yesterday, and saw on the discharge papers it had findings that said multiple dilated ducts with ectasia & debris spillage. From my brief googling, that's something more commonly seen in women going through or post menopause, rather than someone who is 31. Does anyone know what might cause that?

I get the results on 7 May, presuming it's all just a weird mix of benign conditions.

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Apr 22, 2021 11:29AM - edited May 1, 2021 03:19AM by Monarchandthemilkweed

I had a papilloma removed 13 years ago. There was a lot of other stuff going on in addition to the papilloma. There was ductal hyperplasia. Micro calcifications. Fibroademo and fibroadenomatoid nodules. I don't know if it's a coincidence that I later developed breast cancer in the same breast. I think hyperplasia is a pre cancerous condition but papilloma is not. I was 31 at the time the papilloma was removed. And pre

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Apr 27, 2021 10:45PM Oxbury wrote:

I called the hospital this morning to see if they had my results (as I'm able to see something has been uploaded to My Health Record but not access the documents yet). They said they were going to discuss my case with the team on Friday, and would discuss my results and aftercare at the appointment I have with the surgeon on 7 May.

I told mum about that and she said if it was anything worrying they would call me sooner than that. But from everything I've read - and what I know of the Australian public health system especially - it's not necessarily the case that they would phone you right away if it was cancer, and may wait for an in-person appointment. Has that been anyone else's experience, or has everyone had the phone call sooner?

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Apr 28, 2021 06:00AM LivinLife wrote:

Welcome Oxbury! I received "news" of my initial mammogram callback by mail. Right after the diagnostic mammogram I met with the radiologist (typical protocol). I received my biopsy "news" by phone call while I was out of state for another medical appointment! That is generally how things have gone for me. I had additional findings on an MRI that would have required biopsy had I not decided to undergo BMX - never received a call from the ordering provider (surgeon) and didn't have a follow up scheduled with him. I actually had a neurology appointment, asked him if the results were back and we went over them.... He printed me out a copy too. I had already requested a copy through Medical Records. I printed out the results and talked about these with my 2nd opinion surgeon in another medical system who ultimately did my surgery. Things are not always what and how we think they should be, unfortunately some of that time.

Hopefully all this is as you suspect - a lot of benign types of things. My MRI showed about 3 cm of extra stuff that ended up being benign and precancerous conditions, some of which needed to be removed. That may be the case for you as well.... Please let us know when you hear something...

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May 1, 2021 01:53AM Oxbury wrote:

So, I've looked at the radiology notes that were uploaded to the electronic health record system we have here - which tells me nothing except what procedures they followed. The only thing of note was the recommendation - "Please refer to the hand-written Orange Worksheet in the patient's hardcopy medical files."

Either they're aware I like to keep track of all of my records electronically, or there's a team of doctors collaborating notes by hand on my file. Whatever it is, it's going to drive me a little crazy until my appointment on Friday. I just want them to tell me it's another weird benign somethingarather so I can forget about it until my next round of imaging invariably comes up in six months.

Mostly posting here to vent because I'm trying to finish assessments for university and I need to put this out of my mind so I can focus on uni.

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May 1, 2021 04:58PM LivinLife wrote:

OHhhhh that is maddening! I've had similar experiences and found out by accident - things that aren't in the reports though someone on the phone reads something I don't know from notes (not in the portal).... Hopefully they share whatever you want or need to know from the Orange Worksheet at your appointment.... don't know if they're collecting different pieces of info and want to share with you once it's all pulled together? Hang in there....

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May 4, 2021 10:42PM Oxbury wrote:

I called the hospital today in the vain hope of being able to speak to the breast specialist who might give me my results, as she usually works only Wednesdays. The lady I spoke to said I couldn't get any of my results until the meeting with the surgeons on Friday. Not sure why the surgical team would be giving me the pathology results, but if it's benign I'm going to be a little mad that they couldn't have just given me a two minute phone call to tell me so before the appointment. None of the paperwork apart from the procedural stuff mentioned above (which tells me nothing) has been uploaded to the portal either.

Sorry to post here again - with all the other stress at the moment, the uncertainty of waiting is driving me crazy. I have a very low tolerance for uncertainty as it is. Thankfully it's not long to wait now, but I swear each hour is crawling by no matter how busy I am. No one apart from my mother knows about any of this, so mostly just wanted to post here so I could talk to people who appreciate the particular anxiety that waiting for these sorts of results creates.
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May 5, 2021 04:58PM LivinLife wrote:

Soooo difficult and frustrating! Friday is just around the corner - easy for me to say.... I know.... it really is though - hold on... you can do this....

with expansive comedo necrosis & weak ER/PR Dx 7/2020, DCIS, Left, 1cm, Stage 0, Grade 3, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+ Surgery 8/31/2020 Mastectomy: Left; Prophylactic mastectomy: Right

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