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Posted on: Dec 16, 2021 09:59PM

Posted on: Dec 16, 2021 09:59PM

gm_thomson wrote:

At my last doctor appointment he recommended I go for an ultrasound and a mammagram. I have ultrasounds every few years since I was 25 as I have a number of fluid filled cysts then like to keep an eye on… so I assumed it would be a breeze - last ultrasound was 3 years ago.

Anyway this was my first mammagram (I am 50 next month) and afterward they did an ultrasound but the tech had issues getting views with my right breast. She said "i can feel something there, maybe dense tissue, but i cant find it" and she struggled to get an image as she said it was shifting moving around. Eventually she seemed satisfied though that she had an image.

Anyway next day, yesterday, I get a call back that the radiologist wants another mammagram and another ultrasound on that breast. and I start to worry. Appointment isnt till Jan 3, "earliest available."

Then today I get a call from my doctor's office to see him Jan 4, and says its not urgent, and it sounds like they didn't even know i had a second mammagram and ultrasound booked?

So what's going on? It sounds like they found something on the first test thats was enough for the doctor to know he would want to see me non urgently, but at the same time the radiologist wants another look? How could the doctor know its not urgent given the second tests havent been done yet? Something the first report said made him think it wasnt urgent even though the radiologist wanted more tests - why?? Or maybe he has a weird idea of what isnt urgent…

So confused and worried.Any idea whats going on here and what this could be?

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Dec 16, 2021 10:06PM mountainmia wrote:

With your first mammogram, the radiologist has nothing to compare it with. It's not at all unusual to have a callback just because they didn't get a good set of images and need to take another look. That's not very concerning at all, I think. And it also seems reasonable to want another US after another mammogram, esp since the tech didn't feel confident of getting good images, either.

As to the Jan 4 appt with your other doctor (PCP?) I don't know what that's about. I guess I'd see if I could talk to the doc's nurse to have a better idea of the purpose of the appointment.

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Dec 16, 2021 10:43PM gm_thomson wrote:

Yep my PCP. He wanted to review the first report from the radiologist with me… which i dont understand since he doesnt even know what the second one will say. Thats why i am so confused

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Dec 17, 2021 05:12AM jelson wrote:

Gm_thomson - if the January 3 appt with the PCP has been scheduled only to review your first mammo and it coincidentally is scheduled for the day after your second mammo, I would make sure that your pcp knows about the second mammo so that the report can be requested, read and discussed at your January 4 appt.

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Dec 17, 2021 06:27AM mountainmia wrote:

Yeah, so I would call back to PCP office, clarify that I'm up for another mammo and US, and ask to make sure the PCP will have those results before going in. Otherwise it will be a wasted trip.

The rain comes and the rain goes, but the mountain remains. I am the mountain.
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Dec 17, 2021 05:21PM gm_thomson wrote:

Yeah i will check for sure before i go in but i just dont understand how my doctor can look at the radiologist report and think its non urgent, even though the radiologist has called me back to get more info.

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Dec 17, 2021 05:41PM minustwo wrote:

GmThompson - remember as mentioned above - this is your first mammogram. There is nothing to compare it with. So yes, many people are called back after the first time. It's a REALLY good idea to have another one NOW, that way there is something to discuss. But that doesn't make it critical.

I agree with Mia. Check with your PCP/GYN to make sure they know about the recall, that they've approved it so your insurance will pay for the re-tests & you aren't surprised by a bill, and that the results will be ready before your appointment.

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Jan 10, 2022 09:40PM gm_thomson wrote:

I dont know if I am more or less confused now…!

During my second test last Monday the mammagram tech said I have dense breasts and they wanted a closer look at an area on my right boob, had to spread it out for a better look. They did repeat ultrasound too.

Two days later (Wednesday) the doctor called and said I had dense breasts and what was probably a fibroadenoma but he didnt have the results of the second test yet.

Then today, Monday he called with results. A tad confused as he said, "probably benign" must go back for repeat test in 6 months, nothing to worry about, said something about "normal tissue" and “cyst. So I asked if it was nothing to worry about why do I need to go back in 6 months? And he said radiologist just being thorough. So sounds like they don't think its that serious but I am worried all the same. I mean

- i get ultrasounds every year, guessing this didn't exist last year, or did the mammagram tell them more?

- do they always check a fibroadenoma every 6 months? Or is there more to this? Or is it cos I have dense breasts?

Anyone got any insight?

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Jan 10, 2022 09:48PM parakeetsrule wrote:

Yes, dense breasts can make it hard for them to see things. I'd take them at their word: it's nothing to worry about and they'll check again in six months just to be sure. If they saw something truly concerning, something that you needed to worry about, they would be doing a biopsy.
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