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Posted on: May 10, 2022 07:55AM

Posted on: May 10, 2022 07:55AM

ness7432 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Amy, 40 years old, mother of 3 sons and 3 bonus kids. I am here because I am in the long 3 week wait for biopsies and I am not sure what to do with myself. I was hoping to tell my story, if others have had similar and how it worked out for them, or just read and gain information for whatever is happens next. I went for my first mammogram ever on 4/29. I was told it was very common to be called back after the first one and I was, instantly. They found asymmetries in both breasts and I am heterogeneously dense. They also saw a calcification in one lymph node but the radiologist feels that is from tattoo ink as I have several chest/arm/shoulder tattoos. I go in for diagnostic mammogram and was then sent for ultrasound. The radiologist came in to the room to also do a live scan in front of him, he seemed pretty concerned or perplexed. He said that what he saw on the first mammogram on the right breast is seen again in the diagnostic one but can't seem to locate it on the u/s. However the left one is for sure seen on u/s and I need to have both biopsied. He even used the words, I can't exactly determine what it is but it definitely isn't benign, and I don't know if he meant definitely isn't just nothing or like definitely cancerous. He has to do the right side biopsy using the mammo machine and the left side using the u/s. The report that was posted to my portal after the fact said the left side has a "non-circumscribed hypoechoic oval mass" and has a margin of 6mm and is 7 x 3 x 6 mm. Which seems taller than wide to me, which isn't typically good news, and the other labels of the mass aren't the good ones either. They also gave me a Bi-RADS score of 4. I am the kind of person that would rather prepare for the worst instead of hope for the best. Does anyone have any information on these kinds of findings? I don't go for the right side biopsy until next Monday and then the left side which is the mass until the following Monday 5/23.

Thank you for your time,


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May 13, 2022 08:17PM wondering44 wrote:


Congrats! I am SO HAPPY for you.

My results are benign and I can trust the results since it was done at MD Anderson. Woo woo! I only have to remove my right breast after the nipple-sparing mastectomy error last year. I am ecstatic!

Ness, I will keep you in my prayers while you wait.

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Jun 4, 2022 03:10AM salamandra wrote:

Hi msozrn,

Callbacks are always scary, but please know that birads 4 does NOT mean cancer is likely. It means that they cannot rule out cancer without a biopsy, that there is at least a 3% chance it is cancer. When doctors are confident that it's cancer, they rate it as birads 5.

If it is malignant, the fact that its calcifications might mean it's still in situ and hasn't spread yet. That is sometimes considered pre-cancer. But whatever it is, it is less scary once you know what you are dealing with.

I was terrified when my biopsy came back malignant. But treatment wasn't so bad, and I'm ok now. Yes, it might come back some day. But if it had been benign, the chance of cancer would still always have been hanging over my head because all women are at risk.

Hang in there!

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