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Topic: The waiting room.

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Posted on: Mar 1, 2010 06:31PM

chrisnyc wrote:

I am 32 years old. A few months ago I discovered a lump on my right breast. It was a Friday night and a friend had come to watch a movie after work. I was being lazy and as I was trying to remove my braw while wearing my blouse I felt a bump. I immediately panicked and didn't get any sleep that night. Next morning I ran to my doctor and she discovered another lump on my left breast this time. She told me I had to get a sonogram immediately. After a lot of struggling with an NYC hospital I was able to schedule an appointment. It was my first time. The technician was polite but didn't say a word as she was going through the procedure. After she finished she told me that I had to wait for a doctor to check the results. She took me to a separate waiting room. This was a tiny room filled with about 10 women all wearing white robes. Some of them were reading books and others were just waiting patiently. I was the youngest one and almost every woman in that room looked at me with a sense of understanding and sadness in their eyes. I realized that this is the waiting room for women having sonograms and mammograms. I was scared and waited for a long time as one by one these women were being called and then left. Unfortunately, when my turn came I was told that I had to schedule a biopsy. No other explanations were given to me and I collapsed. I started crying in that small waiting room surrounded by other women who could imagine my pain but didn't take a step to reach out. I don't blame them nor did I expect them to provide any comfort, but at that moment I realized that there has to be something I can do to make the women's waiting room experience more comforting. My idea is to add the ability for women to anonymously communicate via a kindle or ipad with other women's waiting rooms or to just have a place where they can write their thoughts, read books, play a crossword puzzle and find options. There is no profit for me just an effort to convince the big companies to donate their products. I just would like to know if you feel this would benefit your experience and if a lot of women feel like it would then I would be honored to try and get the sponsors and make it happen. Please let me know what you think.

P.S.  My biopsy came out negative but I have a permanent metal clip in my left breast and still need to be back to that waiting room every six months... Log in to post a reply

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Jul 30, 2011 02:37AM renab wrote:


Support Rena in effort to show My Loved One I love them!

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