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Topic: Is this a genuine collection for Breast Cancer Prevention?

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Posted on: May 16, 2010 03:15AM

hippyjr wrote:

Good Morning,

Yesterday we had another handful of junk leaflets pushed through the letterbox. Amongst the pizza leaflets was a clothing collection leaflet. I have always been suspicious of these companies, but this time the leaflet had the old style pink ribbon as its logo and states the collection is for 'Breast Cancer Prevention Program'.

The leaflet is very misleading as it states 'each month we make a minimum contribution of £1500 to the project' on checking the company details W&W Help LTD, Reg 6296698. On checking Companies House it appears the company was dissolved in March 2009.

Im sure many people will think they are helping a breast cancer charity, but I suspect this is a scam. I live in the Uxbridge area so I am sure they are leafleting everyone around here.

Please be careful

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