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Topic: Breast Cancer Fundraising?

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Posted on: Aug 28, 2012 07:45AM

Drixxy wrote:

Hi there! Over the past two years, my mother has been recovering from and has been in remission for breast cancer. It was a stage IV and it was highly agressive... Luckily it was removed completely and her live was saved through the following treatments. I was so happy to hear she was going to be okay! However, more recently, she has been diagnosed with the return of both her breast cancer (in her remaining breast) AND cervical cancer that requires another mastectomy as well as a hysterectomy... They say it will be an easier recovery than the last one, but we're both very saddened by the news, especially since she's still young.

I want to do my part and raise money to help prevent other sons and daughters from ever having to go through something like this. If I can save a few moms from something like this, there will be no greater feeling.

I had this idea of making bracelets and taking the profits and donating them. I've got them online here: but I noticed there's a lack of interest. SO! Here's what I want to do! I want to find other ways to distribute them, but I know you have to have permits for this that and the other JUST to have a little lemonade-type stand in front of my supermarket...

 Do you guys have any ideas about how I can spread the message and raise some money for donations?

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