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Topic: "Pink Christmas" CD - Available Fundraiser for 2013

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Posted on: Jan 8, 2013 09:49AM

Geoff5 wrote:

The "Pink Christmas" CD is being released in April 2013 and is available to all Breast Cancer Organization to use as a fundraiser.  Both and iTunes take such a large portion of our music, (Approx. $5 per CD), that I would rather those funds be donated to participating: charities, websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

A pre-release CD is available for review for any interested party to make sure it's worthy of the participating organization.  A sample product sales page can be viewed at the following link:

Please click on the "Rotate Case" button to view the artwork from the back, sides, and inside with successive clicks.  The personal greeting on the inside left insert has been reserved to customize the CD for the participating organization with a comforting message and a logo.  The sample displays the personal greeting my wife and I used for Christmas this year celebrating her being a five year survivor.

Please feel free to contact me directly to request the sample CD or if you have any questions.  Any posted comments will be most welcome.

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