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Topic: Lumpedema

Forum: Lymphedema — Risks, tips for prevention, and info about products that can address the symptoms of lymphedema.

Posted on: Jun 17, 2006 09:46PM

alexa61 wrote:

OK, just when you think you have it somewhat figured out and are gaining some sort of perspective on the lymphedema game, some new odd thing presents itself. I don't think I actually have lymphedema since my arms measure the same now. I did 1 month ago have a bit since my left arm above my elbow was 2 cms bigger than my right. Honestly I don't know whether to say I have it or I don't, so I will say I am prone. Anyway, yesterday I was cleaning my house and looked down at my arm and noticed that the area above my wrist, palm side had lots of little lumps. Within about an hour the lumps were gone. So, what's up with the lumps? I can only assume it is lymphedema or should I say lumpedema? What do the lumps mean? Are these warning signs? I've had it with lumps. I am completely lumped out! Has anyone else experienced the lumpy version of lymphedema? Log in to post a reply

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Jun 18, 2006 07:38PM Binney4 wrote:

Goodness, Alexa, how frustrating! I have heard LE can be lumpy, but it has never been for me. And there is something called "transient LE" that does come and go for a period of up to 3 months. If it goes on longer than that they re-label it "chronic LE" and apparently you can assume it will always be with you and that you'll need therapy to get and keep control of the stupid thing.

Early LE does come and go, depending on things like heat, activity, and salt consumption and probably half a dozen mysterious things besides that. Elevating your arm might help -- or just stopping whatever it is you're doing that's causing lumps or swells.

So be vigilant and do keep a written record of all the goings-on with your arm and hand, because the dates and weird symptoms all tend to run together and then it's hard to explain to the doc or therapist. (Of course anything remotely resembling infection needs to be taken care of immediately.)

I hear you on the lumps. We are all definitely lumped out! Never heard it put so well before!

Be well!
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Jun 19, 2006 03:17AM alexa61 wrote:

As always, thanks, AGAIN, Binney. Really appreciate the time you take to be a resource for us all!

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