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Topic: what dr do you call

Forum: Lymphedema —

Talk with other about how to lower your risk of lymphedema and how to manage it if you've been diagnosed.

Posted on: Jul 2, 2006 04:39PM

Dawnt wrote:

if you think you have lymphedema who do you call? My hand is swollen but doesnt hurt.I thought I should call the dr but is it the surgeon,onco or family dr. Thanks

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Jul 2, 2006 06:07PM azdarleen wrote:

Hi dawnt, when I first had an idea I may have LE I called my breast Doc and she sent me to a LE therapist.
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Jul 2, 2006 06:07PM NPat wrote:

You asked a good question. You call the one that you feel you are able to communicate with the best. Any of your physicians, NP's or PA's can order LE evaluation or treatment. The problem is that so many of them don't recognize LE as a problem. My surgeon ordered LE treatment for me... he was very proactive (before he retired...). My current surgeon thinks LE is "normal" after breast surgery. My oncologists and PCP now send patients for LE therapy... partly because I have been vocal about how much I appreciated the original surgeon because he got me the care I needed and how much LE needs to be aggressively treated... I work for my PCP and she sees me everyday with my garments. I order LE evaluation and treatment and will jump at the chance to help other LE patients to get the care they need.
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Jul 3, 2006 07:29AM sccruiser wrote:

My surgeon and/or my pain management doc will make a referral to LE therapist anytime I request. They seem to regard me as the "expert" on LE and what I need. Feel I'm educating them. I agree with Pat, LE needs to be treated very aggressively!
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Jul 3, 2006 07:59AM Lhunhen wrote:

This is a very good question and one I have thought of to. So far I am doing ok and no signs of LE (had surgery in April) but you never know. I had thought that I would contact my surgeon to see who she recommends. I'm sure they get calls alot on this and have some references to give.

I feel that any swelling on the side that you had your lymphs removed should be looked at.

Best wishes.
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Jul 3, 2006 09:58AM Mena wrote:

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! hahahaha....sorry I couldn't resist...You've already gotten great advice. I wish you well...Mena...xo

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Jul 3, 2006 10:25AM Dawnt wrote:

thanks for the answers. Mena ...thanks for the laugh!!!

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Jul 4, 2006 12:13PM NPat wrote:

You are sooo funny... Geee, we get too darn serious sometimes. I was sharing with a new a LE therapist about my fight with my old Juzo garments and a sun shade (the thingy that you put in the windshield of the car). I had just gotten the new glove and sleeve... went out to my car and attempted to take the sun shield down. The darn velcro strap on the shield got wrapped around my wrist and I ended up boxing with the shield in my car before I got loose. It won. You should have seen my new snaggy garments. BioConcepts garments aren't as snaggy... thank God!

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