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Topic: Lymphedema and Tendonitis

Forum: Lymphedema — Risks, tips for prevention, and info about products that can address the symptoms of lymphedema.

Posted on: Aug 24, 2006 07:30PM

azdarleen wrote:

Hi there, I hope someone can help, I have had LE since Jan 2006 and now after 3 months they have finally decided I also have tendonites in my elbow in the same arm I have LE, If I do the commpresse wrap it really causes a lot of pain in the elbow, can't wear my seleve or glove right now, arm is too big right now. Is there anyone else that has had this problem and if so what did they do, it seems that if I do something to help the LE it makes the pain in elbow worse. I tried swiming, it was good for the LE but about an hour later I had alot of pain in arm.
Thanks for listening to me and any help
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Aug 25, 2006 09:27AM jinky wrote:

Oh Darlene, Bless your heart. You have been through so very much.
I wish i knew the answer but i don't.
I feel so very bad for you.
So you can't wrap or wear the sleeve and glove. What about your machine? Can you use it?
Try posting also at : Pat that runs this website may be able to help.
I will be thinking and praying for you. Don't give up sweetie as there has to be a answer.
Binney may come up with something to.
Wish i was there to give you a "gentle" hug.
jinky (Carol)
age 2, grade 1, 4 chemo, 5 yrs tamoxifen, femara 48mts, preventative mastectomy 2005 Dx 4/30/2002, ILC, 2cm, Stage II, Grade 1, 1/11 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 26, 2006 04:31PM lymphedemapeople wrote:

Hi Darleen's me, Pat :-)

Decided to post my response here that I gave on Lymphedema People just incase someone here might need the info too.

This actually seems to be quite a problem for a lot of people with lymphedema, and its finally being written about in a number of articles.

I have put together pages of information also related to lymphedema and carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator-cuff tendonitis and even joint replacements with lymphedema. If anyone needs this info, I'll be glad to send you or provide the links to the pages.

With LE in both arms, I too have had to deal with tendonitis, especially of the shoulder....not fun and omg is it painful!!!!

I searched and searched to find information that may help combine LE treatment while still treating the tendonitis. Unfortunetely, the consensus seems to be that the focus should first be placed on resolving the tendonitis.

The reason is that the tendonitis may actually complicate the lymphedema by producing localized inflammation. I personally found this out when I had tendonitis in my right hand.

Also, decongestive therapy may actually produce musculoskeletal over use problems during tendonitis. Compressive bandaging also restricts joint excursion, increases limb weight and bulk, and forces patients to alter limb usage patterns.

Are you or have you received any treatment for the tendonitis?

Let me know and we'll go from there to see what further can be found.

Best to Ya

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Aug 28, 2006 03:43PM rrs wrote:

I think I have a similar problem. I have a tendon or something that slips back and forth over my inner elbow. I've had this since I was a child when I hit it and the tendon popped out. It is the same area that is called the "funny bone" - I can't remember if I saw a doctor then but they didn't pay much attention to things then unless you were not breathing or bleeding to death. Now it stays sore all the time and I think the compression sleeve irritates. The Jovi pack makes my fingers swell and stiff and makes my index finger have something like trigger finger when I first wake up.

This is starting to scare me. I'm worried about wearing compression and about now wearing it. I think this sucks!
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Aug 28, 2006 04:10PM Binney4 wrote:

Goodness, rrs, have you talked you your therapist about the swelling and stiffness? Does your JoviPak have individual finger slots or is it just one opening for the thumb and one of the other four fingers? I found I had to have the finger separators in my Solaris night gear in order to keep my fingers from swelling overnight.

The elbow situation sounds like a compression nightmare. Maybe a softer compression fabric? Apparently there are two factors (at least!) going on with compression fabrics, one being compression and the other something referred to as "containment." Not sure I understand it, but apparently I need firm compression but soft containment, so my sleeves and gloves have to be made from a special fabric. (Which is actually called "Soft"). Maybe something like that would help? Don't know, but sure hope you get some answers and relief real soon.

Let us know, yes?
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Aug 28, 2006 06:19PM rrs wrote:

Thanks, Binney. My Jovi sleeve has a place for my thumb but the rest is open. I hear what you're saying about containment and compression. I will ask about it but I don't think I have the best of LE care. I did mention my elbow problem. I paid a lot for the Jovi and hate to have purchased for nothing. I'll give it all another try soon. I guess I'm just feeling a little defeated right now. I sort of run out of steam now and then.

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Aug 28, 2006 06:42PM Binney4 wrote:

Yeah, I hear you on the steam shortage...definitely hits me, too!

Don't give up on the JoviPak -- call the company (at 1-866-888-5684 and talk to Dee Dee, I think -- and maybe tell her the LE care you have available isn't so great, too) and tell them you need the finger separators. They should be able to add them, and if they're like other companies they'll do it pretty quickly, probably without add-on charges if you're letting them know about it within the warranty period. Even if you're not, ask about charges to alter it -- they shouldn't be very high because we all need alterations to our garments from time to time. In the meantime, you can wrap your fingers with gauze (did your therapist teach you how?) before putting on the JoviPak sleeve. Or buy an isotoner glove and wear that with the JoviPak. These things do take time, because we're all different and have different needs. Hang in there!

Maybe you need a referral to an ortho about the elbow, since compression is going be part of your life. If you're in pain, the pain itself can stimulate your body to send lymph fluid to the site, which you definitely don't want. (The body sees it as a trauma and sends in the clean-up and immunity-boosting lymph crew --there's no "off" switch, unfortunately!) Or next time you order a sleeve, ask about a stretch-panel for the elbow -- it's a softer fabric that's usually put in the front of the elbow but can go wherever you need it. I don't know about other sleeve companies, but Bio-Concepts can do that as needed.

Rest up a bit, rrs, and then go for it -- it's gonna get better!
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Aug 29, 2006 09:05AM BarbaraBinBrooklyn wrote:

I was treated for shoulder tendonitis about 4 years ago in my lymphedema arm. Therapist massaged it and used TENS machine.My elbow has hurt for several years (especially at night) but since I would never go for surgery and don't want to go for therapy for elbow, I just live with it.

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