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Posted on: Nov 27, 2012 03:58AM - edited May 17, 2018 08:30PM by hugz4u

Posted on: Nov 27, 2012 03:58AM - edited May 17, 2018 08:30PM by hugz4u

hugz4u wrote:

Posted this in kick butt thread but thought it would be great for all. Super easy. Pictures at bottom of post

Ok girls, This could be done if you can't get exercise in. You probably could even do it in a public washroom,well, maybe not the small stall,but the big wheelchair stall! My MLD girl said TAI CHI exercises have been studied with lymphedema and are excellent to stimulate Lymphatics. This is the exercise she gave to me but I forgot about it. I think I will try to incorperate it into my busy schedule. On the bottom of the sheet is says PILLER, NB(2007) Lymphoedema Assemssment clinic- Flinders Medical Centre: Based on Clinical trial outcomes, Lymphology 2004 So the exercise given was studied in a trial. YEAH!

Starting here I will type word for word from the sheet she gave me:

This exercise will help improve lymph flow from your arms and help reduce the size of your arms.

Perform this exercise 5 times on each of 5 occasions per day (when you wake up, at lunch time, at aafternooon tea, after dinner and just before you go to bed).

It works best if you leave your sleeve on if you wear one.

The most important ones are when you wake up and when you go to bed as this will help clear accumlated fluids from your tummy and chest area and allow the lymph fluid to better drain from your arms.

How to perform the exercise

(it's a little like how you would welcome a friend-but slower)

1) Point your fingers towards your chest (breast bone)

2)Slowly open your arms out ( as you would welcome a friend)

3)While still breathing in open your arms out as much as possible and put your hands back as far as you can-ensuring that you stretch and tighten your muscle in your hands and forearms and upper arms.

4)Hold your arms like this (while still holding your breath) for 3-4 seconds

5) Relax your muscles of your hands and arms and while slowly breathing OUT as much as you can, return your arms to the postion as in point 1 where your fingers are again pointing towards your chest

6) The whole exercise shoud be done SLOWLY and each one should take about 10 seconds. REPEAT 5 times.

That was the instruction sheet she gave me. I might add that when you breathe out you could bend over and make your back like a letter "C." This would compress the air out and pump the lymphatic system deeper. Just like when Sherry Lebed hugs a beach ball and bends over and breathes out.

This exercise should be easy enough for those with limited abilities. Let me know if you are going to try it. Lets call it the TAI CHI BREATHER seeing that it had no formal name on the exercise sheet. Out of curiousity, I would like to know if it bothers anyones LE or improves flow.

I could see how this could be very relaxing and calm the nervous system if done slowly.

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Dec 3, 2012 06:24PM - edited Dec 3, 2012 06:32PM by hugz4u

Joyh1109,Of course you can post in our threads. :)Us Lymphers are more than happy to have breast cancers survivors learn how to cope with and prevent LE. The more we can learn and contribute about this condition the more the medical field will be forced to deal with it. ( Were tired of being put on ignore). So please do drop in and of course we are always recruiting!

May I suggest, The Kick Butt thread. It is great for learning how to watch out for LE signs or manage them if you are a new or a experienced exerciser. I just might pop over to your thread to! I figure the more support we have the healthier we will be. Which thread are you on? Hopefully not the Marathon thread! I'm not quite there yet, maybe in 20 years! Oh.....but by then I'll be ancient and will have to crawl all 26 miles! :)

Oh and do let us know how the Tai chi breather goes! Getting out of bed now to do some and then the Lebed exercise opening ( helps drain lymph fluid) for15 minutes later. Walkies today to so no more lounging for me!

Nitocris, I couldn't load the video from my iPad, will get out the big guns (mac desktop)and try there.

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Dec 3, 2012 08:13PM LuvLulu07 wrote:

hugz4u and Nitocris   Thanks!  I will let the exercise thread know of these LE exercises.  The thread is "Let's Post Our Daily Exercise" - a  positive group of us that stay motivated and encourage each other to get out there and do what we can.  We would love to see you there!  

I've so far managed my mild LE through MLD technique.  I was super lucky to learn this from a physical therapist trained in this technique, right after I had my BMX.  But I had to beg my BS for a prescription for PT, he said that I really didn't need it!  Although he is a fantastic BS, his knowledge of LE was sorely lacking, at least it was a year ago.  

Also couldn't access thehaven video, will keep trying!  

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Dec 3, 2012 11:18PM carol57 wrote:

Joy, your BS has plenty of company, as most of his colleagues are sorely lacking in LE knowledge!  That's a near-universal experience in this forum, sadly.

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Dec 4, 2012 07:30AM hugz4u wrote:

Am progressing with the tai chi breather, more flexible, Can't tell if it is helping LE as I have about zero swelling and no pain in arms or hand although I am classified stage 2. My back stings behind armpit and swells so we will see if it eliminates it. Yah it's truncal.

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Dec 4, 2012 02:14PM Nitocris wrote:

Carol, thank you. I am glad if these resources can help.

Hugz4u and Joy, I tried with my iphone too and I can't access the Tai Chi video either.  Text and pictures are alright, but can't access any of the videos.  No problem with my Mac.

Here is another breathing video: The Three-Part Breath - It is one among several Yoga breathing technics and works really well to stimulate movements in the trunk and thus promote lymphatic flow in that area.

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Apr 13, 2013 07:31AM hugz4u wrote:

Bumping this thread up for curveball, She is needing some tips as she is flying soon. She is not able to get sleeve and gloves due to time restrictions.

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Apr 18, 2013 09:39PM comingtoterms wrote:

This is glorious! Thank you!

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Feb 28, 2014 11:05PM hugz4u wrote:

Bumping this for GMA and newcomers. This is simple and not time consuming.

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Mar 1, 2014 12:04AM gmafoley wrote:

Thank you I found it.

Imagine God in His HUGE rocking chair, rocking you and saying, "It will be ok, you can do it. I will be right here for you". Oncotype score: 8, Rads 28, Bilateral arm, truncal LE and now Obstructive Sleep Apnea Dx 4/19/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage IB, Grade 2, 1/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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May 13, 2014 12:16AM hugz4u wrote:

Bumping this up for our newbies and also for those that can't do strenuous exercise.

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