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Topic: Question about venous system

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Posted on: Jul 26, 2017 09:50AM - edited Jul 26, 2017 09:51AM by SusanGA

SusanGA wrote:

I am just coming up to six weeks out from my UMX. I have been concerned about Lymphedema from the beginning because I fly long haul a lot and I have had cellulitis in the past. I have had two sessions with a lymphedema OT who took measurements but said that I am too close to my surgery to be sure about swelling. I still have swelling where my arm meets my torso. And on that arm only I noticed that my veins are bulging halfway up my forearm. I'm willing to wait about the underarm swelling but wonder if this veinmthing means anything. BTW I was also given a garment that makes my arm go stone cold and has a muffin top at the top. I'm not wearing it after listening to you guys. I need lower compression I think for when I fly. Thanks in advance for thoughts about this

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Jul 26, 2017 02:23PM Beatmon wrote:

Do you have a port? Sometimes they can block venous return and bulging veins are nited

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Jul 26, 2017 06:02PM - edited Jul 26, 2017 06:03PM by SusanGA

no I don't have a port. I have a very ropey scar under my armpit.

Dx 4/14/2017, IDC, Right, <1cm, Grade 2, ER+/PR-, HER2- Surgery 6/13/2017 Lymph node removal: Sentinel; Mastectomy: Right
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Jul 27, 2017 03:16PM Binney4 wrote:

Hey, good for you for not wearing the garment that clearly doesn't fit! Stone cold is obviously not right. Here's more information on how garments should fit:


You don't mention a glove or gauntlet, but hand protection is important when you're wearing a compression sleeve. Here's why:


The vein thing would seem to be unrelated to lymphedema, so maybe check that one out with your MO. It's not clear from your description whether the "vein thing" is causing you discomfort or "pulling" when you try to straighten your arm. If so, you may be describing "cording" (actually called Axillary Web Syndrome, or AWS). More information here:


Keep us posted, please, on what you discover!

Gentle hugs,

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Jul 30, 2017 08:18AM SusanGA wrote:

thank you so I hope for the reply. No, the vein thing is not causing me discomfort other than the fact that this is my affected arm and seems to have nerve pain. One leg also has the bulging veins and the other is normal. I broke the knee in the bulging leg and they put a wrap cast on it for weeks and voila. Right before my mastectomy I had hand surgery to release an extremely painful trigger finger and now I think the bulging may be from the use of a pneumatic tourniget. I am so grateful to this group for alerting me to compression that is too tight. I'm still searching for a qualified LT that can get me any suitable custom garment. So far I only find people associated with hospitals that only use specific manufacturers. I'll keep looking. I will be long haul flying in the winter and want a preventative garment with mild compression

Again thank you ladies.

Dx 4/14/2017, IDC, Right, <1cm, Grade 2, ER+/PR-, HER2- Surgery 6/13/2017 Lymph node removal: Sentinel; Mastectomy: Right
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Aug 13, 2017 03:10AM tessu wrote:

same problem here!

My operated side lymfedema is under pretty good control (wear sleeve and alternating glove or gauntlet entire time I'm awake and do night wraps as needed). But my lower arm veins have also been bulging since right after surgery, and are worsening despite the improvement in LE. I'm scared to leave the compression sleeve off during the day, because when I've tried, the bulging veins start to hurt. I plan to ask my oncologist about this at my 2-yr check-up the end of Sept and will post here what he says.

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