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Topic: LE and surgery

Forum: Lymphedema — Risks, tips for prevention, and info about products that can address the symptoms of lymphedema.

Posted on: Mar 13, 2018 11:53AM - edited Mar 13, 2018 11:54AM by Spookiesmom

Spookiesmom wrote:

Saw ortho yesterday, total knee replacement is in my near future. Am worried abut my arm.

My plan is to wear glove and sleeve with a pink sleeve over that , that says NO BP, NO PUNCTURES into surgery.

Of course tell anyone who may listen not to touch it.

Any other suggestions?

Dx IDC, Stage IIIA, Grade 3
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Mar 13, 2018 01:29PM LeesaD wrote:

For all my surgeries since ALND, each hospital during pre op check in put a color coded hospital bracelet on the arm we didn't want touched so everyone knew not to touch it. Check with the facility you are having the surgery. They probably have something.
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Mar 13, 2018 05:41PM - edited Mar 13, 2018 05:42PM by Outfield

They probably will not let you wear that, but you can always ask. You could also write on that arm in permanent marker.

I've had surgery I think 5 times since treatment, and I've not had any trouble at all just asking them to please use the other arm. Like Leesa's experience, they've put a color-coded thing on it.

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Mar 14, 2018 02:35AM hugz4u wrote:

My story. Just waking up out of BC surgery and still groggy I see a nurse coming at me with needle. Somehow I told her no. She apologized and said oh yah I remember now then she put a big sign up above bed. She was on the end of a long shift and no doubt was over tired. Now I sharpie pen on my arm in it letters, looks so ugly u can’t miss it.

The other day I bumped my head. I was afraid of passing out and finding my self in emerg so I quickly sharpie Pened no bp/no needle this arm then iced my head. I was more worried about my arm than the bump! I laughed later because i obviously was ok if I could navigate myself to the sharpie pen drawer but still didn’t want to take any chances on that arm.

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Mar 14, 2018 11:07AM Spookiesmom wrote:

That’s my fear Hugs, tired staff. Sounds like sharpie is the best. Thanks

Dx IDC, Stage IIIA, Grade 3
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May 10, 2018 12:33PM journeyforward wrote:

Hi friends,

I had surgery last week (May 1, 2018) and CNA tried to take B/P in arm of lymph node removal. I was highly groggy from general anesthesia but I had to stop her. The RN entered the area and said that is right don't take B/P in that arm right now. I say never again! We need to strongly advocate for ourselves at every step.

On post-op day 7 I got a mosquito bite near elbow of involved arm.. I noticed more swelling in lymph node armpit area. Anything I need to do other than protect my skin from mosquitos? Advice from any one who has been through this or is in expert in LE management is appreciated. I am scheduled with LE specialist next week.

Thank you,

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