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Topic: Lymphedema and blood pressure

Forum: Lymphedema — Risks, tips for prevention, and info about products that can address the symptoms of lymphedema.

Posted on: Oct 26, 2018 08:44AM

lynn1946 wrote:

Hi all and Binny,

Do we know or is there any info on whether LE affects blood pressure? My blood pressure has been going up and before I realized I had LE in both arms I was monitoring bp on my arm.. soon stopped that after diagnosis!! I have now purchased a wrist bp cuff and my bp seems pretty stable.. this morning after doing my Lebed Method movements my blood pressure was nicely low (took it twice to be sure).. feels like it's affected by LE.

Also, I'm due to have cataract surgery next month and wondering about sedation and needles in my hand. I don't have any swelling in my hands as of now and I wear compression garments during the day, either a full to the waist long sleeved moderate compression or my sleeves with a short sleeved compression top if I'm using my arms a lot like kayaking or somthing.

Any info would be most helpful ... as you know, there is not much out there for us.



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Oct 27, 2018 08:18PM Binney4 wrote:

Hi, Lynn,

I've never heard anything about LE affecting BP, no studies I know of--though I'd guess it could be possible if the LE led to stress (which it certainly does at times), or if it limited normal activity. But in that case the BP increase would be secondary to the LE, and I take it that's not quite what you're asking. Really good question--wish I could be more helpful.

Do talk to your therapist about your up-coming cataract surgery. Since your LE is bilateral both arms/hands are certainly at risk--for both LE In the lower arm and hand, and for cellulitis when the skin is compromised by needles. So you need a plan for how to handle both the IV and the necessary BP during surgery. If the eye surgeon can arrange to do only manual BP, that's at least better than the automatic cuffs, since they often overdo the pressure needed for measuring BP. Measuring BP on the lower leg is a possibility, as is an IV in the foot or neck (not as grim as it sounds). IV and blood tests in the foot are contraindicated if you have had blood clotting problems, but otherwise can solve the LE risk issues. Your therapist should be able to recommend the best personalized plan for you, and s/he may also be able to consult with your surgeon.

Please do let us know what you discover, and how your surgery goes too! Amazing how this "swell" diagnosis can complicate our lives, no? Grrrrr!

Gentle hugs,

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