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Topic: Radiology vs pathology: 1:0

Forum: DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) — Just diagnosed, in treatment, or finished treatment for DCIS.

Posted on: Jun 13, 2007 09:34PM

ijl wrote:

So I was diagnosed with DCIS on my LB at 5:00 o'clock. MRI showed 1cm mass at 7:00. Had US biopsy , the pathology came back benign. The surgeon told me it looked like it could stay in. He did mention that sometimes a radiologist may decide s/he still didn't like it and it may have to come out. He said it did not happen often.
Well with my luck this is the case. After being happy to learn this is benign, I learned that "radiologist would feel better if it came out via excisional biopsy".
When I had my US biopsy they told me that the mass did not look homogenous so they took a number of samples from the different parts to make sure they covered all bases.
But I guess it still was not enough.
I was initially upset today in the morning when I heard about losing yet another chunk of my breast plus some uncertainty about nature of this mass. But I guess it's good to have it out, because otherwise they were planning to have it followed with US evey 6 months for a while to see if it changed or not and then I would have to continue worrying about it anyway.
I guess I should just think of it in terms of the motto of these forums: "The only good lump is the one in a jar".

I am really tired of all these tests and ready for my D day:) Log in to post a reply

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Jun 13, 2007 10:44PM LisaAlissa wrote:


I'm somewhat confused. You say you were "diagnosed with DCIS" but "the pathology came back benign"...

Normally I would have thought of those two as incompatible statements, since the pathology report that follows a biopsy or other surgical excision is really the only way to determine a BC diagnosis. Was there a previous pathology report that was the basis of the diagnosis?

Hope you get the certainty you're looking for soon!

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Jun 14, 2007 08:10AM ijl wrote:

That was another mass not "related" to DCIS. It was found during MRI.

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Jun 14, 2007 10:40AM mbordo wrote:


I think having it out is a good idea...since it is in the same breast as the DCIS, you wouldn't want to risk it obscuring a clear view of your tissue in future imaging procedues....if it is 1 cm and known to be benign, I'd guess they'd take out only a minimal amount...

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Jun 14, 2007 06:48PM Chattypatti wrote:

Will you feel better with it gone, but your breast slightly disfigured (which you can have reconstructed if necessary)? Or will you feel better leaving it in and waiting every 6 months to "take another look"? I think the answer would be easy for me, but we're all different. Good luck.
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Jun 14, 2007 07:37PM ijl wrote:

Hi Patti, you are right of course. I actrually saw a wonderful PS since I am getting ready for plan B in case my lumpectomy fails. And he does a lot of interesting work with the lumpectomy reconstruction that looked very encouraging.

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Jun 22, 2007 08:54PM ijl wrote:

I got hold of my radiology report based on this ultrasound, and it said that the utrasound guided biopsy that was totoally B9 was discordant with the ultrasound imaging. How can that be? I can see mammo , or MRI being "discordant" with US , but how can utrasound biopsy disagree with ultrasound imaging. My biopsy report even said that they could see this lump getting smaller as they took pieces out of it for the biopsy. I am now actually glad that they doing excision biopsy on it, I do want it out, but still ..
I will ask my surgeon about it during the preop next week, but was just curious to see whether anyone here had a similar experience.
I guess I was pretty busy with 2 mammos, 2 biopsies, US, MRI and genetic test, and I've still not had my lumpectomy.
I just met this woman in my support group and she was just diagnosed with DCIS the day before yesterday and is having her surgery next week. Perhaps if I had done this, I would have less cofusing results

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