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Topic: The best direction?

Forum: DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) — Just diagnosed, in treatment, or finished treatment for DCIS.

Posted on: Jun 26, 2007 04:57PM

labpsb wrote:

My wife was recently diagnosed 06/11/07 with Breast Cancer she is 48 years old. There is so much going on I can�t keep up and I am very confused on the best course of action. She had a clear mammogram in Jan of 07.

It came out of the blue with IBC stage 3b invasive ductal, and a tumor growing faster then a balloon at a child�s birthday party (now measured in inches). Not hormone or HER�s positive. It�s in the lymph nodes but extent not known yet, other body scans (bone, ct�s, mri�s) all OK. Please excuse any terminology errors.

My wife is convinced she needs stem cell rescue. My friends who are Doctors say Kaiser has her on the right path (Chemo A C, 2nd dose is July 3rd) and they say that Stem Cell work is unproven and not recommended.

Clinical Trials I have contacted will not consider her until she has stopped treatment.

At this point she will be in treatment over a year with surgery (probably double mastectomy) and radiation mixed in. And then there is reconstruction.

So how do you fit in a clinical trail for Stem Cell Rescue? Is there concrete data on its effectiveness?

Also how does natural healing fit in? The Oncologist says nothing but my drugs.

And why would the National Cancer Institute give you a pamphlet that down plays the power of positive thinking?

Sorry for the rambling, or if I posted in the wrong forum,

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Jun 26, 2007 05:19PM roseg wrote:

This web site is an excellent place to look for information about treatments.

There is something about stem cell transplants here:

Have you read Susan Love? She had a wonderful book that is very through and informative. I urge you to get that book and read it carefully.

It sounds like your wife has what they call "triple negative" cancer -- that is not hormone responsive or her+. That's not good because hormonal treatments are very effective, however it responds very well to aggressive chemotherapy. If Kaiser has her on a solid chemothearpy treatment plan I think you are being treated to the standard of care.

I am not an advocate of "natural healing" treatments for invasive cancer. Cancer is a nasty disease and requires nasty treatments. Many chemo drugs are derived from "natural" elements, but they are harsh to eliminate this killer disease.

There is a special forum here for women who are triple negative. If you look further down the site you'll find it.

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