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Topic: Solid papillary carcinoma in situ ( non invasive)

Forum: DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) — Just diagnosed, in treatment, or finished treatment for DCIS.

Posted on: Jan 10, 2019 10:56PM

Mary_Liz_Ann3 wrote:

As mine is a rare form of breast cancer there has not been much recent research that I can find on different post surgery treatment. What I have read is that there seems to be no difference in outcome with or without radiation. As mine is non invasive I don’t want very much treatment but my surgeon is of the mind that I will definitely have some radiation. I have a meeting with the oncologist on Feb .14th and am almost 4 weeks post lumpectomy. Any information would be appreciated

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Apr 8, 2019 10:31PM BB3312 wrote:

I just learned that I have this. Hope it is going well for you

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Apr 10, 2019 09:21PM obsolete wrote:

Hello, there's a Papillary Carcinoma thread (link below) that might address some of your concerns.


I also had Solid Papillary, but it was the nasty "invasive" type, unfortunately. I'm glad that you have the non-invasive "pure" subtype of Solid Papillary and hope that you are both doing well. Best wishes.

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Apr 12, 2019 07:06PM Mary_Liz_Ann3 wrote:

I’ve done well so far considering a couple of big issues where 12 days after surgery I thpught I might have an infection and was treated for 8 days with powerful IV antibiotics with no success and then my surgeon saw me and it was inflammation and I had never had an infection. Inflammation took almost 3 months to gradually go away. Then had a few small viruses and pneumonia because my immune sustem was impacted by all the unnecessessary antibiotics I think. Now 4 months after surgery and having partial breast radiation ( day 7 of 16 scheduled).

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Apr 12, 2019 07:08PM Mary_Liz_Ann3 wrote:

Thank you and I’ll check the thread. How are you doing now ?

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Apr 12, 2019 07:09PM Mary_Liz_Ann3 wrote:

I’m sorry that you’ve just been diagnosed but it is one of the least serious types to have. Are you hsving surgery ?

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Apr 13, 2019 01:21PM BB3312 wrote:

they are saying it is, but I haven’t had the lumpectomy yet and everything on here is scaring me very badly (recurrences). I am not in a big city but we do have a cancer ct

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Apr 13, 2019 03:00PM - edited Apr 13, 2019 03:04PM by Mary_Liz_Ann3

Maybe what you are looking at with scarey outcomes is for a different type. My GP told me to google “ Solid papillary carcinoma in situ and treatment". I found three studies ( only about 130 women as this type is only 3% of all breast cancers) but it is also one of the ones with best outcomes. I was not wanting radiation as they studies said it nade no difference and outcomes were still good. I had stage 0 and grade 1 which is called precancerous. My surgeon said I should still have some radiation and I've now had 7 out of 16 treatments. As I'm having partial breast radiation and they've never done it here at the cancer Centre in my home city they have a lot of trouble getting me aligned but so far I'm doing well and continuing on for no but open to stopping atany point especially if they have to do more xrys. I've already had at least 7.

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Apr 13, 2019 04:22PM BB3312 wrote:

I’m glad to hear that (except the trouble being aligned). I wish you the best. I will not know if mine is only in situ until the lumpectomy.

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Apr 13, 2019 07:05PM Mary_Liz_Ann3 wrote:

Yes of course, you will know exactly what it was after the lumpectomy. I do understand being afraid , I was so scared when after two doctors examined me and the second one felt nothing I thought the mammogram would confirm that, instead a nurse phoned me the next day and blurted out that she was sorry but the mammogram showed a large suspicious mass and that they were sure it was cancer. At the ultrasound the next day the tech. told me what she saw ( even though they won’t usually) but she knew i was very worried. She said it was less than 1 cm. caught very early, very good surgeons. and i’d be fine. I hung on to that to try to stay positive through a rollercoaster iof ups and downs the next few months. My advice is hang on to the positives and for me having a very good surgeon gave me some reassurance. I did ask to have a different one as I had information about both and wanted the one wh had done gallbladder sugety on me four years previous as she was highly rated and very good .

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