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Topic: Hot flashes

Forum: DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) — Just diagnosed, in treatment, or finished treatment for DCIS.

Posted on: Apr 14, 2019 04:50PM

Allisonbrooks wrote:

I had a lumpectomy and radiation, now on Anastrazole and suffering terrible hot flashes that are keeping me up all night. Anyone else dealing with this? Any tips or tricks to get a good night's sleep?

Sometimes my hands are burning hot and my feet get sweaty. 

Throughout the day, the hot flashes continue. I'm always sitting in front of a fan.

New here and looking forward to supporting each other.


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Apr 14, 2019 08:37PM Moderators wrote:

Allisonbrooks, we are sorry to hear what you are going through. Unfortunately hot flashes are a common side-effect of Arimidex. You may find some helpful points here: Hot Flashes.

Please let us know how we can otherwise help!

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Apr 15, 2019 06:20AM GreenHarbor wrote:

Alisonbrooks, I have SO been in your shoes! I was post menopausal when I was diagnosed, but the anastrazole definitely made them worse. Some basic stuff that may help: dress in layers, keep a water bottle close by to sip when a hot flash hits, have a fan available. Like you, the hot flashes were waking me up at night, which then aggravated my pre-existing insomnia. The hot flashes were starting to affect my quality of life, so my oncologist started me on a low dose of Effexor. It’s an antidepressant that’s also prescribed for anxiety and panic issues. Within a few days, I noticed a HUGE difference. I still occasionally get a doozy, but they’re generally less frequent and less intense. Best of all, I’m sleeping through the night! I’ve had not side effects either. Good luck!

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