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Topic: Strep during chemo, CFS-EBV? Anyone?

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Posted on: Sep 24, 2010 01:24AM - edited Aug 20, 2013 05:48AM by soulswithin

soulswithin wrote:

Hi everyone. I havn't been on for a few weeks, 4 days into my first chemo trtmt. I got really ill with Strep throat and was down for the count for 10 days. A big disappointment, but not really surprising given my past history of Strep coinciding with mono-EBV flareups about 7 times in the last 15 years.

Has anyone here experienced strep with their first chemo? I can't help but think [one of my concerns before I even started] that my viral side has sprung up because of the chemo wiping out the white blood cells. I'm concerned, and also disappointed that my oncologist doesn't seem concerned at all, said it was a one time deal, and sent me to my GP, who was going to send me to the hospital for IV abx's. Luckily the pill abx's kicked in.

I'm better, and finally getting to the last few days of this cycle, and finally on my feet again. But knowing my mono problems as well as I do, this seems similar. I also have a HMO that won't pay for the one stong shot of Neulesta, so the delay having to use a series of 7 shots [Neupogen] by the time they kicked in the white blood cell production, I was at my lowest white blood cell count of .04. That was a bit scary to have full blown strep and no white blood cells.

I guess the only way to know is to wait and see if this happens again, but I am disappointed that a Harvard graduate Oncologist would not be aware of the viral possibilites due to the chemo. I feel like I need a specialist not a cheerleader. Any thoughts? Thanks so much.

Linda, in the survival mode....You can see it in a wild cats eyes Dx 2/12/2010, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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