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Topic: Superclavicular and Subpectoral Nodes

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Posted on: Aug 12, 2012 12:16PM

mary625 wrote:

I had radiation to my superclavicular nodes, which had shown up as cancer-free on my scans. I finished radiation on 4/27/2012. For the last month or so, I've noticed some spotty dark patches in the area where the lymph nodes are on the side of the neck. Does anyone know if that site is included in the radiation of the superclavicular nodes, or if this is possibly scatter?

My other question is that I just recently learned from a CT scan report (scan done at diagnosis) that I had a possibly cancerous subpectoral node. I'm assuming this was not removed. Would it have been radiated?

Good news (I hope) is that I'm going back in the CT scanner tomorrow so I might get some better information on the status of the subpectoral nodes. I just did not have this information in time to discuss these details with my rad onc.

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Aug 12, 2012 12:34PM sbelizabeth wrote:

Hi, Mary.  I probably had similar radiation treatments to what you experienced.  I don't know about the spotty dark patches, but I had some painful radiation wounds on my neck and where my neck intersects with my shoulder.  As it happens, the wounds occurred where there were skin folds when I extended my arms above my head for the treatments.  The radiation tends to get concentrated there, even from the scatter.  You might want to similate the position you were in during your treatments and see if the dark spots are in the skin folds, that might explain it.  Just a guess.

Another guess is that they rould have radiatied all the nodes between your collarbone and the bottom of your ribcage.  I think they're pretty thorough with blasting that area. 

Blessings and have a great week!

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