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Topic: 10 years post radiation--breast changes

Forum: Radiation Therapy - Before, During, and After —

What to expect from treatment and ways to cope with side effects.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2021 06:27PM

slg76 wrote:

I had lumpectomy, chemo and radiation 10 years ago. My breast has been slightly smaller and denser since treatment but not terribly noticeable. Since then I've had 3 more biopsies on that breast (all benign, thankfully!). I've noticed in the last year that my breast has shrunk significantly and become much, much more dense/hard. The skin is thicker and my lumpectomy scar is actually more noticeable now with these changes. My last mammogram showed some rather large calcifications (biopsied and benign).

I'm wondering if other women have had significant changes like this so long after treatment? Did you try anything to help the tissue loosen back up? Was your doctor concerned? Mine seems not to be.

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Aug 17, 2021 02:34PM Racheldog wrote:

Glad you started this thread. My, these changes happened to you so much later. I am only one month from WB radiation and feel the hardness. More sore now too. I do know of some women who have had the changes you describe but also got them sooner. I am glad you are 10 years out though. This journey!

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