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Topic: Triple Negative, Stage 1 Thinking NO CHEMO

Forum: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer —

Share with others who have ER-/PR-/HER2- breast cancer.

Posted on: Feb 13, 2016 12:07PM - edited Feb 13, 2016 12:08PM by KPittman

KPittman wrote:

Hello all,

I'm 44 years of age just recently diagnosed with cancer. My oncologist recommends carboplatin & paclitaxel chemo. After much research, I'm looking for alternatives to chemo. I am a PALB carrier and I'm not sure chemo would add any benefits to my situation. Is there anyone else that could shine some light on this for me? I know every individual is different, I'm just curious as to how many (if any) triple negative individuals did not do chemo.

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Dec 4, 2019 11:35AM dono7392 wrote:

Mountain Mia, Did your doctor say that 2.9 cm was a small size? Do you mean "mm"? I have 2.1 cm and was told that was well into the size for chemo treatment. I'd love to avoid it somehow.....

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Dec 4, 2019 02:16PM MountainMia wrote:

dono7392, this is what I said: "IDC tumor 1.5 cm and DCIS spread 2.9 cm." Yes, the DCIS was about twice the size as the IDC. The prescription for chemo was based on the IDC.

My understanding is that for any triple negative greater than .5cm, the standard of care is to recommend chemo, so yours definitely falls into that range.

If you've read up on TNBC, you've seen that it can be very aggressive. Your own diagnosis of grade 3 is an indicator that yours likely is, too. Your notes don't say if you've had surgery yet or if you did, what kind. Either way, surgery (and follow-up radiation, if you have a lumpectomy) is used to address cancer cells in the breast. Chemo is used to address cells that may have migrated to other parts of your body. Likely you already know all this, and I don't mean to insult you by explaining. But because the TNBC is aggressive, chemo is the best way to reduce your risk of recurrence, either locally in the breast or elsewhere. You won't get another chance to hit it this hard.

We all would have loved to avoid chemo. Though my own doctor was not insistent for me to do so, if you polled almost any other TNBC patient, they would say theirs was!

Good luck with the process and decision-making. There is a lot of help here for you to access, and a lot of support as you go through.

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Feb 3, 2020 01:54PM GailKS wrote:

Newly diagnosed with TNBC. I am starting chemo on Friday 2/7, 8 rounds once every 2 weeks. I will also get the wonderful Neulasta Onpro put on my arm before I leave after each infusion. This is a timed self injected form of protein to boost the white blood cell count. I was dx'd with MS back in 2000 so that medication has a habit of messing with the white count any way. I have to stop that treatment during my chemo. Then I'll have the lumpectomy, wait a month, then 5-6 weeks of daily (5 days in a row) radiation. Needless to say all of this has really kind of scared the bajeebers right out of me.

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Feb 3, 2020 04:02PM Moderators wrote:

Dear GailKS,

Welcome to the BCO community. We are sorry for your cancer. We are glad that you reached out to our members to share your story. We hope that you will find support and information here that will help you along the way. We wish you the best as your chemo starts. Keep us all posted on how things go and let us know if we can be a help in any way.

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Feb 3, 2020 06:22PM santabarbarian wrote:

Gail, have a peek at "Calling all TNs" -- very active thread of other TNs! Sorry you are here, but welcome.

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