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Topic: 11 year Triple Negative Survivor BUT...

Forum: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer —

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Posted on: May 12, 2019 09:25AM

briggsy wrote:

I had triple negative in 2008. State 2, had not progressed. Still opted for a radical mastectomy (right side,) 12 rounds of chemo including taxotere and Carbopentin (and Neulasta shots after ever treatment) and a dorsi-flap reconstructive with an added mastectomy on other side. I've had the usual ups and down over the years, most especially I battled years of getting my immune system back. Overall, as the years have gone by, I've had consistent bone pain. I have developed osteoarthitis which has ravaged my bones like a raging wildfire. I'll always have a conviction that somehow the Neulasta shots contributed in some kind of way since i suffered BRUTAL, AGONIZING pain after each one. Anyway, I've had two back fusions, arthritis from C1-C7, huge arthritic boney pieces removed surgically from my right shoulder last year and now will do the same on left shoulder. Have had major arthritic damage expecially to my right knee (EVERYTHING IS/WAS ON MY RIGHT SIDE - SAME SIDE OF TUMOR) having had two baker's cysts removed caused by the runoff of inflammation from knee. MY BIGGEST ISSUE - THE DORSI FLAP SURGERY - ALTHOUGH ALL DOCTORS SAID THE PS DID A GREAT JOB, I HAVE HAD CHRONIC PAIN AND HAVE BEEN IN PHYSICAL THERAPY WEEKLY FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS. The pain has always been in my backshoulder blade, underneath my arm, and towards the front where the muscle is attached. It has caused chronic neck stiffness and badass headaches, shoulder pain even AFTER arthroscopic surgery, and I'm just at my breaking point with the limited use of my arms and all of these chronic pain conditions that have plagued me from the moment I had the surgery. QUESTION: IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY TO TWEAK THIS RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY OR ARE THERE ANY NEW BREAKTHROUGH SURGERIES TO REPAIR OR "UNDO" THIS DORSI FLAP SURGERY THAT i'VE GROWN TO DESPISE?

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