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Topic: Discomfort in lymph nodes in groin

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Posted on: Jul 1, 2019 06:18PM

withmyhands wrote:


I was wondering if anyone has had a problems with triple neg moving to the lymph nodes in the groin. I was dx stage 3 trip neg T3 had a big tumor in my breast and also in my underarm. Did chemo and radiation and have been cancer free. Have beenhave swelling and pain in lymph nodes in groind on and off for months. First on my cancer side, now on both sides. Family doc says lets watch it for a while, I said I want to see my Onc. Has anyone had a similiar problems? Thanks for you time. Withmyhands

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Jul 1, 2019 11:35PM Moderators wrote:

Hi there, withmyhands! We wanted to welcome you to BCO, we hope you find this to be a supportive place!

We're sure others will chime in soon with their experiences and guidance, but we agree with you - it seems like a good idea to see your oncologist and have this looked at. Even if it's nothing, or something completely unrelated to your cancer, it's always better to err on the side of caution! Keep us posted on what you decide to do!

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