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Topic: Is this the end?

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Posted on: Jan 19, 2017 12:49AM

chicagored wrote:

my mom has stage IV breast cancer. Was diagnosed with stage IV with mets to bones and uterus/ovaries in 2011. For 5 years, on many different chemo mess, she kept it from spreading to any other organs.

She decided to stop treatment and enter hospice this past November when her lumbar puncture showed cancer in the CSF.

The week or so before Christmas my mom started getting much weaker. The weak after Christmas she was too weak to lift her legs up onto the bed without assistance but was still walking with her walker. Now since last weekend she can't walk and pretty much can only stand pivot. My dad said she is still eating fairly well but is sleeping a lot more these days. I've noticed her speech has changed a little too and seems a little slurred.

I had originally planned on going back out to see her and help out in Mid February but feared that might not be soon enough, so I bought plane tickets for next week.

Does anyone have experience with end stage breast cancer with brain mets? Does she sound close to end?

I live 2000 miles away so I get anxious about her condition and not being there in the end. Have no idea how many weeks/days I can expect her to have left with us.

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Jan 19, 2017 08:44AM dtad wrote:

Im so sorry. The only advice I can give you is put all your faith in Hospice. They are a wonderful organization that will support your mom and your family in endless ways. I'm sure you could talk to one of the nurses on the phone until you get there. Thoughts and prayers are with you...

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Jan 19, 2017 08:58AM mara51506 wrote:

I just want to offer my sympathies to you and your mom and dad.

It does sound like a rapid decline as does happen when mets are in CSF. It probably is a good idea to see her next week. If a hospice nurse can't advise you, your Dad should be able to give permission to give you information on her condition. Glad hospice is looking out for her.

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