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Topic: When is the best time of day to take Tamoxifen?

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Risks and benefits, side effects, and costs of anti-estrogen medications. Note: Please remember that there are good experiences and bad with ALL treatments and this is a safe place to share YOUR experience, not to be influenced or influence others.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2009 07:53PM

Iam wrote:

I am perimenopausal - still having my menstural periods now and then.  I'm due any day soon - should I start taking the Tamo now or wait?  Will it make a difference - probably not, huh? I have the pills with me and trying to build enough courage to take it and considering when's the best time of day.  It says it may cause dizziness or drowsiness, but I need to get to work.  Not sure when I should take it - morning or evening?  I feel that if I take it in the am that it'll be easier to remember and hope that the rest of the day will keep me busy enough to forget the Tamo thing.  My OncDX score was 4 with Tamo.  My onc also said to wait 2 years before having breast reconstruction because most cancers will return during that time.  Any suggestions?

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Jul 21, 2009 07:59PM - edited Jul 21, 2009 08:00PM by lexislove

I do not think it really matter WHAT time of day you take it.Just as long as you take it.

 I have not experienced drowsiness on Tamoxifen and I have been on it for over a year now. Actually, I have never heard of that side effect with Tamox..but oh well.

For me....taking it in the AM, right when I get up is the time to take it. I take it with the rest of my vitamins so I won't forget.

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Jul 21, 2009 08:05PM dash wrote:

I used to take it with dinner because I had another med I needed to take in the AM and they couldn't be taken near each other. I found the morning med slowed me down, tired me out and then I'd take the tamox at dinner and suddenly be wired and have trouble sleeping! I recently stopped the other med and started taking tamox in the morning. For me, it has made a difference. I'm sleeping better and deeper as I now can recall dreams again. So if you have a choice, take it in the morning.

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Jul 21, 2009 08:18PM Iam wrote:

Oh, I know I've heard of others having SE's that they suggested not drinking caffeine.  I love my mocha cappucino in the morning.  Is it okay?  Do any of you like your coffee first thing in the morning?  I really don't think I could go without caffeine entirely.  But thanks for your replies.  Guess sometimes you hear more than you want to know.  And, I also take a lot of vitamins that first thing in the morning.

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Jul 21, 2009 10:08PM Member_of_the_Club wrote:

I take it at night.  I've been on it for over 4 years and i can't remember why I take it at night, but I don't have any problems.  Remember, tamoxifen builds up to a steady state in your body so it probably doesn't matter when you take it.

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Jul 21, 2009 10:16PM HelenaJ wrote:

Started taking Tamoxifen in Feb just when my period was due - 20mg at nite b4 I went to sleep.  After 3 months had horrific anxiety and depression.  Had a 2 week break and took it when I was feeling good about mid cycle and now split the dosage like Ivorymom - 10mg in the morning and 10mg at nite.  Feel great.  Never had a problem with sleeping because of Tamoxifen but did have some fatigue first time around but I think that was more linked to feeling depressed.

I started back on coffee (gave up during surgeries) to give me a bit of a "kick start" with tamoxifen - didn't help.  Since restarting I only drink tea, no more coffee for me.  Have no idea whether coffee (especially just one in the morning) would be a bad thing.  :)

 PS - great Onco score - woohooooo !!!!!

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Jul 22, 2009 12:25AM hlya wrote:

It's a very good post!   Your girls experience would help me a lot!

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Jul 22, 2009 01:06AM Iam wrote:

My oncologist prescribed me the 20mg.  Didn't mention anything about what not what to eat or drink.  Nor did he mention to me about taking it when I start my period.  Should I wait until my period begins?  He told me that I could start taking it any time.  I'm due in maybe 3-4 days but I took a pill today.  Should I have waited?  I just have a headache - so far.  Is it okay to take tylenol? 

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Jul 22, 2009 03:09AM HelenaJ wrote:

Iam - I remember being there with starting Tam - its scary and all you think about are the se's.  Everyone is different, remember that, so side effects are going to vary from woman to woman.  You've taken the first pill, that is the hardest part, keep going.  See how it goes over the first few weeks.  Is tylenol a paracetamol - you guys have different brand names to us.  Paracetamol is fine - not sure about aspirin or ibuprofen - I avoid both just in case.

As for coffee - look I still drink wine - love my wine - I'm just in denial about the bad stuff associated with it!!!  I think the key is moderation.  Which I'm not very good at mind you!!

As for when to start taking Tam - there is no hard and fast "rule" as such.  I'm perimenopausal and haven't missed a period yet.  But I also have no hot flashes, no joint pain - none of the stereoptype side effects you are likely to get from Tamoxifen.  The "Bottle O Tamoxifen" thread is great, if you have time go back a few pages and read all the stuff there - honestly those women know more than any Oncologist you talk to.  It's my favourite thread.

Hope you are feeling a little better - try not to focus on the bad stuff about Tamoxifen and focus that this pill is going to keep you safe for the next 5 years (and hopefully a lot more).

Big hugs


Such is life! Invasive Papillary Carcinoma, ITC's, Oncotype score 6 Dx 10/28/2008, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 2, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Jul 22, 2009 05:22AM Iam wrote:

Thank you Helena.  You sure hit the spot.  I've been driving myself crazy thinking about the 'what ifs'.  Ever since I took the pill, I've been watching the time, waiting for SE's - that's crazy, isn't it?  I needed my coffee, so I took the plunge.  Won't know until I try, right?  Well nothing - that's good.  This has been so emotional and sometimes I just want to give up.  Just the thought of 5 years - is a long time.  I took the first step and now, I've got to keep on going like you said. 

The tylenol has acetaminophen.  All I know is that it's not an aspirin.  I used to take Ibuprofen for stubborn pains but guess, I'll have to stop using it. 

Okay, I'll read the 'Bottle O Tamoxifen' thread.  When I first looked at it - wow, it had over 3,000 posts,  that I just skipped it.  I'll go over it again. 

 Thank you for your comforting, positive words - I rreeeeaaallly needed that.

Love and many hugs to you too.  Iam

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Dec 12, 2011 10:20PM tldrose wrote:

hello - I'm new to this thread, am also on June 2011 A/C and T Groupies unite -  and just got my first bottle of Tamoxifen today - am not sure if I should take my first dose tonight, or wait for in the morning...I'm nervous about the se's but found out when I had chemo, I had to just "do it" and see what happens!! I've finally finished all my treatments, chemo, and (3) surgeries and yet I'm nervous about starting tamoxifen - lol -

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