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Lowrider54 wrote:

Not just for Arimidex but all the Hormonals - se's are so similar so coping with them should also be similar and the remedies offered should work for any of the Hormonals - don't go away, read on if you are taking any of the hormonal treatments....

For those of us who are taking this potentially life saving/life prolonging drug, it does not come without side effects. There are some very lucky folks who don't have any...GREAT! But for those that do, lets share how we cope with the hot flashes and night sweats and stuff.

The 'Arimidex' thread covers more than just side effects and coping - there is much debate over it going generic and the effectiveness of its use. I am putting this up in hopes that new users can find the answers concerning the se's easily. Of course, please visit the Arimidex thread for more information concerning the statistics, research and controversy surrounding many of the AL's and new treatments we are being offered today.

Treatment is always a personal choice - if Arimidex is your choice, these kind folks can help you manage some of the issues that some with taking it.

I elected to take a low dose of Effexsor to aide with the hot flashes and night sweats. It worked very nicely for me. Water intake and walking assists with the possible joint pain. I eliminated as much gluten from my diet as I could (that stuff is in and did not experience weight gain - I did experience 'weight re-distribution' however - it seems to go to the tummy. I haven't found a good solution for that yet. Cool

Good Luck All!



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Dec 5, 2010 01:17PM Annabella58 wrote:

Hi all,

Otter, your posts are adorable re: girl issues with mr. otter; you said you used the KY liquibeads and that they helped? (I"m sorry if that wasn't you, so many posts to catch up on)..and does anyone know if the KY sensitive Jelly is for daily moisturizing use or only for sex?

I filled the script  I got from the Urologist for my near constant UTIs....the cranberry pills seems to be doing the job quite well, but I do still have this constant feeling of burning when I sit too down (so, don't sit too long, right?)  he gave me Estrace cream, and after reading the SE s of that one, there is no way I'd touch it with a ten foot pole!!! I tmight give me a better quality of life, but since it is a "black box" drug, my pharmacist alerted me to it, and after reading it, I returned it.  Someone on here referred to the Estring as a helpful way to put a teensy bit of estrogen back.  My symptoms are from not only arimidex and an oopharextomy also.  Anyone know whether the esting is a good idea?  I have read that it releases a lower dose than the estrace cream.  I figure that with the oopharectomy and the full hysterectomy, and the arimidex, the only place I am getting "any" E is from my bodily fat and my adrenals.  Possibly, the cream would be safer for me than for someone with their ovaries, but OMG, blood clots, stroke, high blood pressure, brain hemmorage, list went on and on, including seizures.


Also been reading up on "rejuvination" techniques; kegels, moisturizers, a sort of weenie rehab....anyone tried this?

Sorry, (blush), Mr. Also is very healthy and loving man.  (blush,blush)



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Dec 5, 2010 01:24PM Annabella58 wrote:

Karen, I am.  I fully expect my bones to have gotten worse. 

Since I don't want to take a biophosphate (and the jury is out on Zometa so far as the standard of care), I choose to do weight bearing exercise, and take 1200 mg. calcium, 2000 mg. D and keep active for heavens' sake, whatever else you do.  Apparently, pilates and yoga and tai chi have all been shown to have positive effects on bone.

"use it or lose it" must have been coined for bones and girlybits of ladies on arimidex.

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Dec 5, 2010 01:27PM Annabella58 wrote:

Oops! Karen, I eat 10 tiny prunes a day.  There was this study done that showed improvement in bone health with doing this.

They are chock full of boron and phosphorus and magnesium, all bone builders.  I'm trying it, and will let all know when I get bone scan if anything worked.  It takes 6 months of prunes (and that is yes, 10-12 daily, but get the tiny ones which equals about 150 calories) to get this to work.

Work up to them, too!  Begin with 3 and go will otherwise become intimately acquainted with the toilet.

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Dec 5, 2010 02:33PM Enjoyful wrote:

weenie rehab....hahahaha

I bought the vaginal dilator set and have been 'going at it' for a week now.  No signs of improvement yet but I will keep everyone updated (unless it's TMI!).

Lube-wise, I use either the oil-based "Yes" or coconut oil.  Yes works very well but is also expensive.  The coconut oil leaves a slight burny sensation but has the benefits of smelling nice, containing only coconut oil, and costing less.


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Dec 5, 2010 02:48PM socallisa wrote:

for bone loss there is this drug that seems to help with this..something other than fosamax and

other biphosphotates

 Denosumab May Help Prevent Bone Loss Related to Use of Aromatase Inhibitors
(Posted: 09/11/2008) - Treatment with the experimental drug denosumab increased bone density in postmenopausal women taking aromatase inhibitors to prevent a recurrence of breast cancer, according to a report published online August 25, 2008, by the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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Dec 5, 2010 02:58PM nativemainer wrote:

Interesting study, thanks for posting the link. 

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Dec 5, 2010 03:01PM ruthbru wrote:

I am seeing the gyno  Friday & bringing my dilator information along as a 'topic for conversation'.

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Dec 5, 2010 04:24PM wenweb wrote:

Anniealso,  All of the vaginal estrogens come with the same warnings as systemic estrogen.  It must be required by the FDA.  Even though I don't know if I believe it, more than one Dr. has told me that there is none to little vaginal estrogen absorbed by the body other than the genital area (which is the area it is supposed to be helping).  The vaginal estrogen that I think has the least amount of estrogen is Vagifem which was 25ug/dose and is now 10ug/dose.  Hope this helps.

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Dec 5, 2010 07:29PM Annabella58 wrote:

thanks, ladies, I just had a good buddy tell me that the one to use that is the least absorbed is the Vagifem.  For now, I'm staying with the moisturizers, lubes and "weenie rehab"...this involved a sort of myotherapy internally that you do yourself, kegels et al, causing more circulation in that area.  (well, so wou ld sex, theoretically) ho ho.

Thank you for all the info!  Anyone know of the liquibeads?  Replens burns, the very private is stinging now. 

I for one, certainly do not believe that none to little estrogen is absorbed.  They told me that you can put the estrogen cream on anywhere and it will help.  Therefore, it's in the bloodstream, not topical.

You are so right; the FDA warnings are pretty scarey, but the black box ones are for drugs that can kill you.  My dr. yanked me off Serevent the minute it got one.  This little tube had it, so no to Estrace for me.

I appreciate any discussion of this very much!! Where else can a bunch of bright, informed women, all with the same issues, come and chat over this type of thing?  And then people volunteer their doctors input.  It's a think (a pink) think tank!

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Dec 6, 2010 02:28PM prayrv wrote:

Good afternoon ladies!

I will be joining you in about 2 weeks - currently finishing up 3 years on tamoxifen.  I have been following this thread since its inception (thank you Lowrider54!) and would like to know if there are any foods that would interfer with A?  There are some that interfer with tamoxifen, so I'm a little curious.  Thank you for all of your wonderful posts and information!


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