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Topic: femara vs tamoxifin

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Posted on: Jan 12, 2011 09:07AM

moody wrote:

hey all ,,,,,

i had a breast surgery for breast cancer 2 years ago and i have been taking tamoxifin for 2 yeats  and iam a chronic renal faliure patient with renal dialysis ( iam 52 years old and CRF patient for 15 years ) i had developed moderate osteoprosis  but now it's sever and the Drs adviced me to switch to femara . . . if anyone can help with this that is really femara causes less ostroprpsis than tamoxifin ? if u can provide me with precentages !

thanx all

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Jan 12, 2011 09:27AM LizM wrote:

Actually, I believe it is the opposite.  Tamoxifen is better for your bones than Femara.  One of the major side effects of Femara is bone loss and osteoporosis.   Aromatase inhibitors (Femara, Arimidex and Aromosin) can cause bone loss which is why many of us taking them also take bisphonsonates such as Fosomax.  You may want to get a 2d opinion on what is the best hormonal therapy to use for your particular situation.  Is your medical oncologist the one who is advising you to switch to Femara?  I ask because I find that many doctors who don't specialize in breast cancer do not know much about Femara.  I would ensure that I get an opinion from a medical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer and is from a major cancer center.  

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Jan 12, 2011 05:14PM rgiuff wrote:

Moody, I second everything Liz said.  Femara, which is an aromotase inhibitor, stops the body's estrogen production, so that your whole body is estrogen deprived.  Definitely worse for the bones than tamoxifen, which only blocks estrogen from the breast cancer cells, and actually acts like estrogen in the bones.

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