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Topic: Sleeping with a pillow under knees and blood clot risk

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Posted on: Jun 6, 2012 11:23AM

fmaury wrote:

Hi everyone,

I just had a BMX and am recovering nicely but obviously am condemned to sleeping on  my back for the next few months. I can do that comfortably if I put a pillow under my knees to prevent back pain. However, I have been told (in the hospital) it is a no-no in terms of the risk of blood clots. Since I am going to be on hormonal treatment soon, I know that my risk will be even higher then. How did everyone manage their sleeping position after a BMX?

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 6, 2012 01:31PM peggy_j wrote:

I didn't have a BMX, so I can't speak from experience but...this seems like a serious question. Can you ask your doctors?  I know there are medical devices that can help. i.e. compression socks or those special machines you put on your lower legs to keep the blood flowing. (maybe you can rent those from a medical supply store?) There are probably other options and of course, always the big guns of taking anti-clotting drugs (though your docs probably don't want that right after surgery).

Also, I don't know your BC profile, but in my case, I delayed starting tamox for six weeks because I wanted to do enough research to be sure of my decision. Obviously, this will vary due for each patient. (my understanding is that AIs don't have the same risk of clots, so I assume you'll be taking tamox) 

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Jun 6, 2012 03:49PM Blessings2011 wrote:

Since I am not a back sleeper at all, I came home to a rented hospital bed (fully electric).

That way, I could raise the back up exactly where I needed to, and raise it up under my knees and feet so my back wasn't killing me in that position.

It also gave me much more independence, as it was fully electric, and I could raise and lower it with the hand-held controls, instead of ringing for DH to come help me.

Lots of women sleep in recliners, but not one of ours was comfortable enough to sleep in. Plus, I didn't have the arm strength to pull the control lever back, or the abdominal strength to sit it upright.

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Jun 6, 2012 05:51PM itsjustme10 wrote:

When I first came home, I rented a recliner - it had a power button.  It seemed to work so well (solved the problem of not being able to stand myself up)  that I went out and bought a LazyBoy recliner with electronic controls - even without a BMX, at 5'1" tall, I always had problems working recliners so I knew I needed the power button.  Since I still have the TE's in, and I hate sleeping on my back, there are still many nights I still sleep in it - I am glad I got the "good" brand - its really comfortable. :)

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