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nancyjac wrote:

I found a couple of older threads about Arimidex, but they covered a large time span with a gazillion posts, so I thought I would start a new thread for Arimidex/Anastrozole users.

I am starting on Anastrozole today. Plan is to take it for 5 years, possibly longer. I already have osteopenia and osteoarthritis (limited to one knee at this point), so I am most concerned about the bone and joint side effects. I'm already frustrated by finally having some energy and stamina back after chemo and radiation, but now I have trouble exercising due to the bum knee. I'm concerned about that getting to be even more of a problem on the Anastrozole.

Please share you experiences, side effects, questions etc. about Armidex/Anastrozole here.

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Nov 17, 2022 02:08PM jinnynh wrote:

I finally had surgery for my trigger thumb--which by then was so stiff I could hardly bend it, much less lift anything using that thumb--and carpal tunnel, all in one go. As this was only 4 days ago, I still don't know if the operations will be successful. I am convinced it was a side-effect, at least partially--of Arimidex (anastrozol). I had my yearly mammogram a few weeks ago, and everything's fine. The doctor said that in view of my supposedly low risk, she thinks I made the right decision (to drop the arimidex). Let's hope she is right! I certainly can't be getting operations every few years.

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Nov 17, 2022 09:09PM racheldog wrote:

It seems like everyone who is on an AI develops trigger finger? I am holding off restarting a short trial of Letrozole because of this particular (bad IMO) side effect of AI drugs. I need my hands! Plus having to go through hand surgery just to stay on these drugs is just not something I want to do. This is just my opinion.

Has anyone had trigger finger resolve after discontinuation of any of the AI drugs or is this a permanent casualty of these anti estrogen drugs?

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Nov 17, 2022 09:20PM pontiacpeggy wrote:

I didn't get trigger finger from anastrozole and I took it for 5 years. I had few problems. I did take Fosamax for the 5 years. I can't think of any problem I had. Not everyone has bad side effects from AIs. Good luck.


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Nov 18, 2022 01:04PM cardplayer wrote:

I got trigger finger. My orthopedic doctor injected it, had me do a could of sessions of occupational therapy and I had a splint that I wore on my finger. I did the exercises and home. It’s gone away. I wear wrist guards at night to keep the carpal tunnel in check. I’ve been on it for almost two years now.

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Nov 21, 2022 01:53PM kotchaj wrote:

I have not gotten trigger finger from Anastrozole. Knock on wood. I get the various aches and pains that luckily move about. Right now my right ankle is aching when I climb steps. I take my Claritin 24 hour every day and it does seem to help. Some days better than others.

I also wonder what would be a normal ache from me being 58 years old and just attribute everything to that. It makes me feel better mentally that way, lol. There is something to be said for floating down that river of denial:-)

I'm on it for life so I just look at that little pill as an anti-cancer vitamin and take it every morning.

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Nov 27, 2022 01:21AM - edited Nov 27, 2022 01:29AM by fnpmom

Hello All - I have been on anastrozole for 2 going on 3 years (was on Tamoxifen for a year - but had LAVH) - I had 2 episodes of extreme fatigue - the first one, 3 months ago I managed to go to work but it made it to where I reinstated my intermittent FMLA - latest one last week caused symptoms that made me miss work - I couldn't get up - like post chemo almost - just slept for 3 days and I'm such a go go go person - my onc made me stop my anastrozole for 2 weeks the last time and that's the current recommendation - my liver enzymes (AST, ALT and alkaline phos) also went up both times - scared me to where I was CT scanned and nuclear bone scanned - all negative; I have not read the thread yet but has anyone experienced this? were you shifted to letrozole instead? I also developed arthritis to my right knee and left foot, along my sternal border (bilateral) and shoulders =( Thank you for any info - I have access to lexicomp and all my symptoms are listed under adverse events for Anastrozole =(

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Nov 28, 2022 07:21AM annie60 wrote:

I had trigger finger on both anastrozole and letrozole. I had to change to letrozole because of dizziness while on anastrozole. I had trigger finger with my thumbs and middle fingers. It resolved without any medical intervention. I have found that most side effects come and go.

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3 hours ago castigame wrote:

If I may, just passed 5 yr Arrrrimidex anniversary. joint pain yes. Weekly Dr Teals Epsom salt bath helps. No claritin no pain meds at least not regularly. Walk whenever i can. Try to make 10,000 steps daily but in reality about 7 or 8000steps. No bone strengthening meds. I only take mutivitamin with Arrimidex in the morning and Synthroid at night.

About 3 months ago, hot flashes started. Considering chemical menopause was full 5 yrs ago, the hot damned flash was literally bleep. Oh well getting old is sucky suck. Yea another hot damned SE was dryness. Can i say the curse word again?

My onco told me she would be happy if i can do 7yrs. I dont think i can stop taking it because Arrimidex became the safety blanket of sorts. Praying everyday i can continue forever. Maybe I may try 2 week break every six months or so after 7 yrs.

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