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Topic: scalp tenderness years after chemo

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Posted on: Nov 21, 2012 09:37PM

bmiracle wrote:

I was wondering if anyone is having this problem. I lost my hair 4 years ago and am on femara right now and just recently am having tenderness on my scalp like i did back when my hair was beginning to fall out. Im not losing any hair, but i have noticed it seems as if i have new hair growing!! Strange.

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Jul 13, 2015 04:38AM trishj wrote:

I had chemo which finished about two and a half years ago. Ever since my head has tended to get hot at night, but the last few weeks I am also getting a tightness across the top of my head all day and night. It is possible it is stress as I am now trying to support several people with serious health problems including a dear friend with cancer, but I am suddenly wondering if it has any connection with the chemo or the hair loss it caused. My fringe feels heavy though it has only just been cut and I feel better for pushing it back in a hairband. My scalp too seems tender. I am not on any medication as my cancer was not hormonal. It seems such a minor thing to make a fuss about but it is making life a struggle as effectively I have a twenty four hour headache.

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Jul 13, 2015 08:21AM Moderators wrote:

Hi trishj. Welcome to Breastcancer.org, where you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience!

This particular topic has not been active since 2012. Perhaps you can start a new topic and post your question in order to get more feedback.

Also, our main site has a helpful section with information on different types of Headaches and tips to manage them.

Hope this helps!

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