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Topic: Not able to use HRT

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Posted on: Jun 10, 2021 09:33AM

Sprinkles31 wrote:

any tips on how to manage menopause without HRT. Due to my cancer journey HRT is not an option for me. I turned 51 last month and have not had any symptoms, there has been no change to my monthly cycle but I know changes are coming. It has been very difficult to find any DRs that are proactive. I want to know my options and start preparing. I have heard the both acupuncture and chiropractic care can help with menopause symptoms.

any advice/tips/experiences are helpful.

Thank you

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Jun 10, 2021 10:03AM ctmbsikia wrote:

I don't know. I did it without anything and it took a couple of years. Now with anti-hormone therapy it's like super menopause. My side affects have either lessened or I have just gotten used to them. Random hot flashes, sometime a complete all out sweat but way fewer than when I went thru the "natural" thing. I can only advise to keep your head near a freezer and stay away from sharp objects. LOL

I did find that red wine definitely triggered my hot flashes, so I gave it up. Also tried less sugary things which also lessened the amount of hotness. Take care of your bones as well with the drop in estrogen, should get a DEXA at some point to check. Good luck.

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Jun 10, 2021 11:19AM exbrnxgrl wrote:

I went through menopause naturally, several years before my bc dx. I had some mild hot flashes and occasional irritability but all in all it wasn’t bad. I’m not saying this will be your experience but the standard advice on how to stay cool, sleep cool, etc. can be very helpful as a starting point until you see how you experience it. Take care

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Jun 10, 2021 01:11PM - edited Jun 10, 2021 05:12PM by AliceBastable

I had a total hysterectomy when I was 58. According to tests my gynecologist ran, I was nowhere near menopause yet. But I had endometrial cancer, and everything got taken out, so it was a surgical menopause. I had a few times I woke up sweaty the first month, and that was it, no other menopause symptoms. It seems like it varies a LOT from one person to another.

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Jun 10, 2021 02:26PM TB90 wrote:


Menopause is a natural and normal phase in our lives, it is not an illness that needs to be treated. Do not anticipate problems or view all symptoms as life changing. As others have said here, a lot of symptoms are manageable and tolerable. I giggle remembering my mother’s menopause. She owned two books and read through both in anticipation with all the terrible possibilities highlighted and tagged. I thought menopause was something to be feared. I was so happy to be thrown into menopause with a hysterectomy due to excessive bleeding issues that I welcomed the hot flashes. But that was all I experienced. This is not to minimize the instances where women do suffer horribly from insomnia, moodiness, etc. If that happens, then seek assistance. There are options rather than HRT. Do not suffer needlessly and be prepared but do not expect this to be a horrible experience either. Celebrate instead with a pad and tampon burning bonfire. With a cocktail. All the best.

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Jun 11, 2021 12:06PM flashlight wrote:

I would only add you have already been in perimenopause for the last few years and there is some thought that you will have some of the same side effects as your Mom. Although my sister was the lucky one who escaped her fibroids and heavy bleeding during this time. With the flux in hormones some go into a depression. If this happens to you there is no shame on going on mediation during this time. Everyone has periods of being weepy or short with their husband! There is tummy weight gain. Your body is trying to store estrogen in the fat cells. I could deal with everything, but the night sweats. They do pass. Make sure you still keep your routine Gyn appointments. There has been a lot of improvement in care/treatment as you go through menopause. Best wishes.....yes, do celebrate!!

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