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Topic: Pre-menopausal & elective hysterectomy

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Posted on: Sep 23, 2021 03:23PM

Maskwearer72 wrote:

I am one year into 10 years of Lupron (Zolodex lately) + Exemestane. I was 36 at diagnosis - 38 now. I HATE the monthly shots. They hurt, the travel time is a major inconvenience, I hate the lack of flexibility with scheduling, and there's definitely some PTSD involved because I receive the shots at my chemo infusion center. I just had a pre-op with the OB to discuss an elective hysterectomy, but I'm now having major second thoughts after she went through the risks associated with removing ovaries at such a young age. Early death, heart failure, dementia... Has anyone else weighed this decision before age 40? Oncology said it's completely my choice, but we didn't really chat about the risks of the surgery - more the benefits of not having to get the shot anymore.

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Sep 23, 2021 08:28PM LillyIsHere wrote:

Maskwearer72, what type of cancer and stage are you? I did remove my ovaries after 4 months of lupron. I felt it worked better for me. Yes, ovaries, breasts, estrogen, are needed for a healthy body, however, I believe, cancer diagnose moved me to the territory of non-healthy and I had to chose what worked better. I am more concerned about cancer coming back than dying of old age from heart failure. Sometimes I feel that data are collected from people who removed ovaries when they were young may have had other health issues that are not included. One woman, I knew since I was young, removed her uterus and ovaries lived 90yr old. You never know however, I know that cancer treatments are not going to make my heart stronger or my mind brighter :))

Other ladies may have other opinions of this.

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Sep 23, 2021 09:18PM Maskwearer72 wrote:

I had stage 2A triple positive. PCR after surgery last summer and no issues since. You make a good point and I appreciate your comment - I was so overwhelmed with the dementia/early death/heart disease risks of pulling ovaries younger than 40 that I wasn't entirely clear on whether the doctor was telling me that those risks were more likely to occur in old age, or if the surgery made those risks more likely at a younger age. Because I agree with you 1,000% - I'm far more concerned about surviving cancer than getting heart disease when I'm elderly! I would be thrilled to be around long enough to worry about that!

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Sep 23, 2021 09:26PM - edited Sep 23, 2021 09:30PM by WC3

Two doctors have recommended I have a hysterectomy. One thought everything should go, the other said she would leave the ovaries to prevent me from going in to menopaus but my periods stopped halfway through chemotherapy and my estrogen levels were undetectable before I went on lupron/zoladex and anastrazole so I'm not sure that my ovaries are really anything but dead weight at this point. I'm on the lupron/zoladex as a precaution. I can't really imagine my ovaries will resurrect themselves at 43, which I will be when the 5 years are up, and certainly not at 48 if I stay on anti hormone therapy for 10 years.

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