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Topic: Arimidex name brand and Medicare

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Posted on: Oct 4, 2021 05:25PM

DelightfulJade wrote:

Well I made it this far - testing, diagnosis, surgery and a short course of rads. Next step is AI therapy. My med onc usually prescribes Arimidex. I happen to be a very med sensitive person and was advised by someone in the breast center to start with the brand name drug (I regret that I didn’t ask her why she recommended this) which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be covered by Medicare no matter what Plan D coverage you have.

For any Medicare recipients, how did you navigate this issue?

It also seems reasonable to start on the generic drug and see how it goes. If unmanageable side effects occur, it looks like an appeal can be made for an exception to allow the brand name drug.

Many posts refer to Arimidex as well as anastrazole and I’m not sure if the two names are used interchangeably here.

Does anyone actually take Arimidex?! Is there any way to get the astronomical cost covered? It’s hard to believe that figuring out how to pay forpotentially life saving medication is so difficult in the USA.

Thank you and I wish you all well

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Oct 4, 2021 05:56PM exbrnxgrl wrote:

I just went on Medicare on 9/1 so it’s a bit new to me. I have been on all of the AI’s and have no problems with generics but I understand that some people do. Surely there must be some sort of appeals for those who can’t tolerate generics.

We use both the brand and generic name for drugs but most of us understand the difference. All the best and there must be a way to get the brand name

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