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Topic: Getting rid of all my Teflon!!!! (FINALLY)

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Posted on: Jan 23, 2010 02:04AM

CrunchyPoodleMama wrote:

I've been wanting some non-non-stick (ha!) cookware for a while but needed to research it and save up for it.

I finally decided on this Cuisinart Multiclad Pro stainless steel cookware set. I didn't get it for Christmas so finally splurged and ordered it myself (I figure it's a matter of life and death so is well worth the splurge!).

It arrived today and I knew I would love it, but I am just fanatically ECSTATIC about this cookware!! It's so beautiful... after I hand-washed and dried each piece, I just had to try it out... it is such a JOY to use this cookware! (Apparently it's more "non-stick" than my old Teflon, if you use it correctly.)

It's so beautiful, I keep opening the cabinet doors to gaze at them... LOL! (I told my husband, "It's kind of sad when I have to be excited about cookware because it doesn't poison me!!")

Now, the dilemma of what to do with all my T-fal cookware. Boy was it expensive, I hate to just chuck it and let it sit in a landfill. I was going to give it away on freecycle, but dh said it would be unethical to knowingly let anyone else use Teflon cookware knowing how poisonous it is.

BTW, for anyone who hasn't read this thread, this has some great info about Teflon and other things:


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Jan 23, 2010 02:32PM flash wrote:

I would disagree with your husband.  IF your teflon was never used on high heat to the burn point, and IF it was not scratched, then it is fine.  However, IF the teflon has been compromised, then yes, it could be a toxic question.  Teflon is okay but only IF it is handled properly.  Too many people turn up the heat and ruin the safety of the teflon.

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Jan 23, 2010 02:37PM Yazmin wrote:

Oh, My God, Julia, you were STILL using Teflon? I am glad you are not, anymore. And Thanks a lot for the information on your new set.

I think I am also going to splurge, because, although I have trashed all my Teflon a long time ago (No, no, no: I am not going to take chances), I still had not found EXACTLY what I have been looking for in terms of stainless steel cookware.

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Jan 23, 2010 02:45PM Makratz wrote:

I did the same thing after my DX. About a year or so before my DX I bought an entire set of Calphalon non stick cookwear to replace my older non stick cookware.  After hearing about the health problems with teflon, I threw out my Calphalon and replace it with new Calphalon "non non stick" cookware.  I hated to through mine away too but did not want to cause any health problems for others.

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Jan 23, 2010 10:13PM , edited Jan 23, 2010 10:13PM by CrunchyPoodleMama

Flash, it's not scratched (I did have a saucepan that got a scratch in it and I threw it away a long time ago) and even before cancer I was careful not to use it on too-high of heat... I thought about offering it for free with a caveat included (tips for cooking "safely" *coughcough* with Teflon).

Yazmin, before yesterday I did have one 8-qt stainless steel stock pot, and I used that for everything I could. (LOL, yes, whether I would otherwise have used a frying pan or a tiny saucepan... I would use that thing!) I did still *cringe* sometimes use a Teflon piece as back-up (it's hard to cook a whole meal with one pot! although, this stockpot does have a steamer insert that I would use), but on low heat only... that's still unacceptable IMO, but I did what I had to until I could afford all stainless steel.

I'm still on a honeymoon with this cookware!!! It's just so beautiful, it feels so good (perfect weight, wonderful-feeling handle), and it doesn't cause cancer!!

Makraz, I'm glad dh and I aren't the only ones who would rather throw something away than cause health problems for others. Just today in a store, I passed by all this shiny new Teflon cookware and it made me sick to my stomach that so many people will think, "Wow, this cookware is perfect!" and buy it and use it and be exposed to all that garbage. Frown I even thought of making up some little stickers to surreptitiously slap on Teflon items when no one was looking... "WARNING: Teflon is made up of powerful carcinogens that can KILL you and your pets just from the fumes it emits at normal cooking temperatures! Consider buying enameled or stainless steel cookware instead!" LOL, I'm not such a rogue that I would really do that, but it sure is tempting......

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