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Topic: Beating Cancer with Intravenous Vitamin C Treatments

Forum: Complementary and Holistic Medicine and Treatment — Complementary medicine refers to treatments that are used WITH standard treatment. Holistic medicine is a term used to describe therapies that attempt to treat the patient as a whole person.

Posted on: Aug 9, 2009 03:38AM - edited Aug 10, 2009 12:49AM by Niss

Niss wrote:

Conventional medicine is in an alternate universe on this subject because they are too busy protecting the drug industry's profits in treating cancer.

No non-toxic, readily available agent has ever been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of cancer. Intravenous Vitamin C for the treatment of cancer, is highly effective and readily available. It is also an inexpensive alternative to chemotherapy and therefore you will not find many drug companies lining up to test and market such a readily available agent. And so the question of what vitamin C can do for patients, has inexcusably remained in limbo. 

Thirty years ago, Nobel laureate Linus Pauling advocated HIGH-DOSE VITAMIN C as part of the treatment of cancer. His recommendations were based on a small number of patients who had been given either oral or intravenous (IV) vitamin C. Subsequent clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic failed to demonstrate any benefits from oral vitamin C, and the therapy was rejected by conventional medicine.

Recent experimental studies, however, have found that IV VITAMIN C can raise blood levels of vitamin C 25 to 70 times higher than those achievable through oral supplements. That’s significant because such high doses are toxic to cancer cells, but not normal cells.

To explain, large amounts of oral vitamin C increase blood levels up to 70 to 220 μmol/L – far less than the 1,000 μmol/L needed to destroy many types of cancer cells. With IV vitamin C, blood concentrations can be increased up to 14,000 μmol/L of blood. In a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Mark Levine, MD, PhD, of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and his colleagues described three people treated with IV vitamin C and other supplements. Two of the patients are still alive, and the third (a long-standing cigarette smoker) lived much longer than expected.

One of the cases was a 49-year-old man diagnosed in 1996 with a primary bladder cancer that was starting to metastasize. The tumors were removed surgically, and the patient declined chemo and radiation therapy. The patient decided to receive IV vitamin C at the Bright Spot for Health, a nutritional medicine clinic in Wichita, Kansas. He received two 30-gram IVs weekly for three months, followed by 30 grams once every month or so for four years. “Now, nine years after diagnosis, the patient is in good health with no symptoms of recurrence or metastasis,” wrote Levine and his coauthors.

In a separate report published in the Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal, doctors described the safety of high-dose IV vitamin C in 24 late-stage terminal cancer patients. The patients were given 10,000 to 50,000 mg of IV vitamin C daily. Most had been deficient in vitamin C before treatment, and side effects were infrequent and mild.

Levine and his colleagues believe that vitamin C produces large amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a potent generator of free radicals, inside tumors. The mechanism is similar to conventional chemotherapy, but without the side effects.

However, a recent report in the journal Nature suggests another mechanism to vitamin C’s benefits. Cancer cells produce large amounts of the enzyme lysyl oxidase, which promotes metastasis. However, an earlier study found that vitamin C inhibited the activity of lysyl oxidase.

(OMNS) National Institutes of Health scientists have confirmed the concepts that vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells and that tumor-toxic levels of vitamin C can be attained using intravenous administration.  

Intravenous Vitamin C is gaining more attention for Its Cancer Fighting Benefits - Finally. 

This treatment is not going to be recommended by any oncologists. It is best to speak with a highly qualified Homeopathic doctor on the benefits of receiving intravenous vitamin C for the treatment of cancer. People tend to put too much faith in their doctors and not enough in themselves. Keep in mind, you care much more about you, then your doctor does. If an oncologist tells a patient they have x amount of months or weeks to live and there is nothing that can be done, all too often patients will take that claim to heart and accept the said outcome and never even think to explore any other plausible options that may save, prolong, or improve their quality of life. 

If a patient asks their oncologist's input about high-dose vitamin c iv treatments, this is the response they will get: "I absolutely am against it. Your only option for potentially prolonging your life, is chemotherapy. There has been no evidence to show vitamin c is beneficial in the treatment of cancer." Well that's a lie. They just choose to not acknowledge that evidence as a scientifically proven method for effectively treating cancer. And if they're telling you that you only have x amount of time left to live, then why not encourage you to explore other potential therapies that may or may not help??? Simple, oncology is based on the "treatment" of cancer through - and only through - CONVENTIONAL methods - NOT the cure of cancer. If it were based on an effective cure, a lot of ass holes would have to find a new specialty. As far as I'm concerned, oncologists all too often encourage their patients to die. When a doctor tells their patient there is no hope, that is a doctor who is not doing their job. There have been enough people in the world that have beat the odds, to be able to say there is always some hope. If your mind decides that there is no hope, then your body will too. 

Please also note, this treatment can increase the efficacy of chemotherapy when used in conjunction with that. Please, please, please speak with a qualified Homeopathic Doctor on the benefits of Vitamin C Intravenous therapy. It is imperative that people are finally made more aware of their options. No one is claiming anything to be a cure-all, but people have the right to be informed of any other therapies that may be an option for them. For the history on vitamin c intravenous therapy, look up Linus Pauling. He is a 2 time nobel prize winning scientist who researched the benefits of this treatment for many years and with much success. He has scientifically proven that vitamin c intravenously and in very high doses, is toxic to cancer cells, but not to normal cells. Most people diagnosed with cancer, have a vitamin c deficiency. That's also something to think about. 

I went with my mother for her oncology visits and sat with her through chemo and I have to say, I am so ashamed of our healthcare system. I truly am convinced that these doctors are not interest in the welfare of our families. Perhaps just of their own. No one discussed nutrition with my mother or anything of the sort. All they kept giving her were drugs for the pain that she's wasn't yet feeling. We went to a homeopathic doctor, who introduced us to vitamin c treatments and he gave her a whole diet plan, which I'd like to share with you. First, absolutely NO red meat or dair y whatsoever. Red meat protein is one of the worst things for cancer. By the way, during everyone's chemo treatments, they were serving all the patients (except my mother, of course) beef stew. Immune boosting supplements are a must, as chemo and cancer are killers on you immune system. Juicing, juicing, juicing everything!!!!! Get yourself the best juicer and juice your fruits (apples and lots of papaya, among other fruits of course) Also juice lots of carrots and lots of green vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, etc. 13 glasses a day, or more. That alongside with the intravenous vitamin c treatments at a homeopathic clinic. A great diet to follow is the Gerson Diet. 

I have a lot of personal faith in this treatment because I personally know of people who have beat the odds through vitamin c iv treatments. One is 20 years disease free, when she was only given 1 year to live, over 20 years ago. Another is a family practitioner who developed breast cancer 3 times and the last time decided to explore vitamin c iv treatments and is now several years later cancer free and another who was given only a few months, is still with us 18 months later. Not completely cancer free, but doing incredibly well! There is so much information on this topic. Please take the time to research it and pass it on to anyone who you think may benefit from it. Everyone deserves hope. I will never forget the day we sat in the doctor's office and he told my mother she only has 3 to 6 months left. When I told him we would not give up hope, he encouraged us to not have any hope, as in his words, "there is no hope. It's about quality of life now." When I told him we were going to explore homeopathy, he told me not to waste my money. I stand by what I wrote - Oncologists encourage patients to die. You have to take your life into your own hands. 

Best of luck to anyone dealing with this brutal disease. Don't ever give up hope, despite what your doctor tells you. 



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Aug 11, 2009 11:31PM deni63 wrote:

Niss- I hope your mom is doing well. I agree with you that you can never give up hope. There are too many people who have beaten the odds to ever give up hope. When you give up hope is when you lose. I too go for IV vitamin c as part of my treatment plan. I don't think that on it's own it is the cure all, but I think that it is an important part of an overall treatment plan.

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Aug 16, 2009 03:43AM - edited Aug 16, 2009 03:51AM by Niss

Deni, thank you for your reply. I absolutely agree with you, it is not a cure all but definitely an important part of an overall treatment. My mother is doing chemo for the 2nd time in 9 years and the first time she went through it, it was torturous for her to endure and for her loved ones to watch. But doing the iv vitamin c now during chemo, along with a macrobiotic diet and immune boosting remedies given to her by her homeopath, she is feeling really good. Which is such a blessing. Her quality of life is so much better right now and I really wish more people were aware of their options. It is heartbreaking to see the disinterest in these oncologists and the nurses at the hospital when I told them why she is feeling so much better. I really wish they would encourage or at least inform all their patients of the importance of these treatments to improve their quality of life, at least during chemotherapy. Speaking with the people that I have spoken with, who after being given grave prognosis' as well, but have beat the odds and have attributed that to iv vitamin c, has really helped to give us so much hope. 

 I hope you are doing really well and would love to know more about what your over all treatment plan entails. Her homeopath has added Tahebuia tea to her regime. Are you familiar and what are your thoughts on it, if so?   

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Aug 16, 2009 06:48PM deni63 wrote:

Niss, so glad to hear that your mother is doing well through her treatments. And what you say is all too true about the oncologists not being open minded about alternative treatments. I think their real fault is that they just don't know anything about it and refuse to educate themselves because they assume that it is a bogus treatment. When I mentioned to any of my oncologists that I was doing IV C, they were either very negative about it or blew it off. A couple admitted that they just didn't know a lot about it. One in particular told me that they work with facts and figures to back up their treatments. If that is the case, they should really take a hard look at those facts and figures because they are not all that promising! I am working with a naturopath. I do IV C and other vitamin drips along with a slew of supplements. He stresses, however, that diet is of the utmost importance. I have completely cleaned up my diet and am eating as much raw as possible. The cooked foods that I do eat are without refined sugar, dairy and are not processed. I eat as clean as I can. I have seen major changes in the way I fell and look by adopting this way of eating. I try to exercise daily, although some days I just don't get around to it and I know I need to be more diligent about this. I have so far refused chemo or radiation as the stats for each when broken down are really not all that promising. I am scared to death of all of the long and short term side effects.

I have never heard of Tahebuia tea. Is that anything like Essaic tea?

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Aug 17, 2009 04:57PM Niss wrote:

Hi Deni. I haven't heard of Essaic Tea. I actually don't know much about Tahebuia tea myself. Just that he has incorporated it in my mother's regime. I wasn't with her at her last visit to ask about it and she doesn't really ask herself. She just does what he tells her. That's why I was wondering if you've heard of it. I'll ask him nexr time and get back to you on that.

I'm glad to hear that you sound like you're doing really well with your treatments too!!

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