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Topic: RGCC Testing

Forum: Complementary and Holistic Medicine and Treatment — Complementary medicine refers to treatments that are used WITH standard treatment. Holistic medicine is a term used to describe therapies that attempt to treat the patient as a whole person.

Posted on: Jun 13, 2018 10:12AM

Montreal2018 wrote:

Hi All, has anyone had RGCC Testing lately or has had the test and would like to share whether you found it beneficial or not (I saw a post from 2015 but nothing updated)?

I am considering the Onconomics Plus - based on recommendation from Dr at the Cancer Centre for Healing. It was also recommended that I consider the S.O.T. Anyone have the IV infusion?

I have completed 50% of Taxol treatments. Just had a double mastectomy and the tumour was significantly reduced and lymph nodes negative. I am deciding whether to have more chemo or, based on the Onconomics test results only look at natural treatment options.


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Jun 13, 2018 12:43PM Moderators wrote:

Hi Montreal, and thank you for posting. Great questions, and wish we had some information for you on that. I hope that others chime in! Please keep us posted.

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