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Posted on: Dec 26, 2019 06:04PM - edited Jun 22, 2021 02:07PM by exbrnxgrl

Posted on: Dec 26, 2019 06:04PM - edited Jun 22, 2021 02:07PM by exbrnxgrl

exbrnxgrl wrote:

I have been using cannabis for the past few years. My main goal in using this is pain relief, de-stressor and for sleep. I have read some stories of using cannabis to cure cancer, but there is simply not enough data for me topursue it's use for that purpose.

Let me start by saying that I live in a legal state, both medical and recreational. My purchases and self experimentation are just that, my own personal experience. Your experiences may be different. If you're wondering why there isn't more scientific based research on weed, it is still completely illegal on the federal level, so not many research dollars available.

Cannabinols are the active ingredients in cannabis. With some variations, the major cannabinols are CBD and THC. CBD is not psychoactive, THC is. Cannabis plants fall into two major categories, Sativa and Indica. Indicas are known to be more sedating. This is the stuff that creates “couch lock". Sativas are thought to be more energizing. It gives more of a giggly high and is less sedating. On top of this there are many hybrids.

In addition to knowing if your weed is Sativa or Indica, different strains within each category will have varying amounts/ratios of CBD to THC. If you live in a legal state, this information should be available on the packaging. Other very important info on the packaging will be percentages of these ingredients. For instance, due to my high tolerance, I generally look for products that are at least 20% THC, 5% CBD , though for sleep I prefer a 1:1 ratio. The higher the CBD level to THC, the less “high" you will feel.

Strains... what can I say except there are hundreds, especially with all of the hybridization and mixing of strains. Here are some favorites:

Sativa- Durban Poison, Jack Herrer, Lemon Haze

Indica- Gorilla Glue, most Kush strains, Zkittlez

I have tried most, but not all, of the available forms cannabis come in. Edibles are great but for me, the time from consumption to onset of effects has been very inconsistent. Some of the edibles such as cookies and candy bars are so delicious that you can wind up eating lots of sugar! Vaping was ok, but gave me a sore throat so I no longer vape.

I prefer capsules or sub-lingual drops and use a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. This is what I usually take about 90 minutes before bed or even earlier. For immediate effects, I find there is no substitute for smoking a joint.

My only advice for those who are interested in cannabis is to go low (dosage) and slow(wait some time before taking more). If you have access to a legal dispensary, the bud tenders are usually quite knowledgeable and can advise you. In the end, it boiled down to a lot of self experimentation and too many Kiva brand dark chocolate bars 🤣. BTW, if you consume too much THC, i.e. you get too high, CBD can help counteract that.

While not an expert, I have years of personal experience under my belt and am happy to share what I have learned. As with anything that has psychoactive effects please do not drive or do anything that requires an unimpaired state of mind to do. I should add that I only use cannabis at night as I still work full time*. Lastly, if you are not in a legal state or simply choose not to use legal dispensaries there is no way to know what you're getting. In my state, the legal dispensaries are very expensive due to high taxes, but I am willing to pay that because I know what I'm getting (this includes if it is organic, indoor or outdoor grow etc.)

* I’m now retired! 6/4/2

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Dec 28, 2019 11:35PM exbrnxgrl wrote:


I live in the Santa Clara Valley so am fortunate to have quite a few dispensaries nearby and some even do delivery! Your husband is correct. The tax for medical patients is almost 10% less than for recreational customers. The dispensary I use the most serves both med and rec customers. They had a well established medical business so jumped on the rec business once it became legal. They are crazy busy almost all of the time now. I pre-order online and then go to a pick up window. I haven’t seen the main sales floor in ages.

As for CBD, I have only used the stuff from dispensaries. I am willing to pay the price for product safety, consistency, and quality, but that doesn’t mean high quality CBD products aren’t cropping up outside of cannabis dispensaries

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Dec 29, 2019 12:31PM ninetwelve wrote:

In Oregon, there really is no difference between the products that are used recreationally versus what is used medically. I have a dispensary on my block, two houses down. I pick up "flower" which I smoke in a "bubbler", which is a small water pipe. Usually I only partake in the evening, because it makes me sleepy, even the sativas. I smoke, because it's fast-acting and the dosage is more controllable. It has helped with nausea, pain and sleeplessness. I don't find that it makes me any hungrier than normal, in fact it helped me curb nervous eating that I used to do. I've lost a few extra pounds around the middle since getting my first medical mj card. (I don't bother with the card now.)

I avoid upsetting dramas all the time now, because life has made me a sensitive snowflake, but also, that sort of thing becomes extra upsetting for me when I'm buzzed. OTOH, any documentary with beautiful art and music is extra appealing while under the influence.

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Dec 29, 2019 12:50PM exbrnxgrl wrote:


Interesting about Oregon’s laws. In a nutshell, a medical card in CA saves you almost 10% tax wise and allows you to purchase greater quantities daily as well as products that contain more mgs. of THC. I don’t find that it makes me any more emotional but I never did well with sad movies, TV etc. to begin with!

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Dec 29, 2019 01:03PM fifthyear wrote:

Thank you for this post. I have been looking into using this for my pain and lack of sleep. Can you share what is the best place to purchase in San Jose, CA (or Bay area for that matter, I can drive). Thanks.

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Dec 29, 2019 01:08PM ShetlandPony wrote:

How does one locate an actual authentic medical dispensary?

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Dec 29, 2019 01:24PM - edited Jan 6, 2020 10:49AM by thisiknow

It looks like many with Fibromyalgia use Cannabis for pain. I think micro-dosing is the way they go.

Medical Cannabis = Recreational Cannabis = Medical Cannabis ...they're exactly the same thing...Marijuana. But there are worthy benefits to having a Cannabis Medical Card. Taxes are significantly cheaper on the Med side. All Med products are cheaper. I have tons of BOGO's at my membership dispensary so anything I buy is 50% off. That's significant.

But... Med Dispensaries don't always have the same strains or as many strains as their Rec Dispensary just behind the curtain does. The staff in Med is supposed to be able to give a little advice concerning which strains work best for which health conditions. I've come to believe that there's still too much to know and so these staff can't possibly know very much. But they do try. And they do know a little, such as which strains most of their customers buy for sleep, or for pain, etc. I think as of right now they can be believed to a certain degree, but there's just nothing like.....

....experience...the best teacher. Marijuana has never killed anyone and you can't over-dose to death. But yes, you can over-dose. Just take a little CBD if you have some, or chew a few Peppercorns, or eat something, or lie down and sleep. I laughed out loud at the person that told me that marijuana caused lethal violent acts. I corrected her... because the worst thing that can happen with a Cannabis over-dose is you fall asleep. Ha But again....

An over-dose can cause some discomfort. Dizziness/nausea/imbalance/paranoia/whatever. For a short time. Just ride it out. And after you've done this you're well on your way to never doing it again.

So there's really nothing to fear. Just go slow, starting with 2.5mg, then 5mg, then 10mg... then that's enough unless you want more. As for THC/CBD ratios, again experience will tell you how much THC you can tolerate in with your CBD. If you get "pure" CBD, you're getting at least 0.3mg of THC, which could never make you high, but it might show up in a test?

One of the best sites for comprehensive understanding of Cannabis is "Leafly" so you can go there to learn more than you want to know here....

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Dec 29, 2019 02:49PM - edited Dec 29, 2019 02:50PM by exbrnxgrl

fifth year,

My go to dispensary has been Airfield Supply Co. which is close to the San Jose Airport. Here's a link to their site:

I also use Elemental Wellness, also in San Jose, for delivery and a 10% “wisdom" discount if you're over 55. Airfield has raised it's senior discount to age 65, so I no longer get a discount there, but it is a great dispensary. Airfield serves both medical and rec customers. Caliva and Harborside both have decent reputations. Harborside has an Oakland as well as SJ location and I believe that they're both rec and medical.

Shetland pony, What state are you in? I ask because there are differences from state to state. Since I was a medical patient originally, my dispensaries all became dual licensed. They serve medical and rec. customers, so I continued using the same places.


In CA, once recreational sales started, the well established medical dispensaries jumped on that business too, so you often find dual licensed dispensaries. Having a medical card, as you noted, does lower your tax and you can buy more cannabis, sometimes with more mg. of THC per day.

Weed maps is a helpful dispensary locator and I agree that leafy is a helpful site. Here's a link to weedmaps:

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Dec 29, 2019 03:00PM exbrnxgrl wrote:

Following up on what thisiknow posted, I also have never seen anyone become violent on cannabis. If you consume too much, you generally fall asleep or just sit there, glued to your couch. I consumed too much of an edible (Kiva chocolate bar) several years ago because I just kept eating it like... well, candy! It was about 11 at night and I was walking my dogs. My balance was effected and having two dogs trotting around didn’t help. I just remember telling myself that I needed to put one foot in front of the other and get home. Made it home, went right to bed and was fine in the morning! Edibles can sneak up on you because the effect is far from immediate, hence my cautionary mantra of low and slow.

On the topic of micro dosing, Kiva makes little mints that are 2.5 mg of THC each. An excellent product. I like the Moroccan mint flavor best.

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Dec 29, 2019 03:52PM fifthyear wrote:

Thank you, I live not far from Coleman, will try Airfield first

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Dec 29, 2019 11:09PM Scott1975 wrote:

I was directed to this thread by its publisher exbrnxgrl! Thank you for the invite.

I apologize in advance for this long post.

I am not in anyway an expert or even someone who has the experience to tell anyone how cannabis affects any individual. I just want to put out helpful information for anyone using this drug for it real purpose. I have not used cannabis in well over 15 years. My wife was diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer March of 2018. When she was 3 days out of surgery her pain was so severe she was curled up screaming. I felt so helpless and decide that she was not going to feel this way if I could help it. That started my aggressive research into the cannabis industry. I am an addict to the bone so my first trip to the local dispensary was extremely uncomfortable. The bud tender I talk with gave me some excellent advice and a pack of several different methods for my wife to try. Her pain instantly reduced form a 10 to a 4. I was, for the first time, able to see how beneficial cannabis is.

From then on I have torn apart the cannabis world for information about the medical properties and the methods on how it’s used for the most positive outcome.

I will say this, to start with, anyone who claims cannabis will cure cancer is full of it. No where on the planet has cannabis cured cancer. Science cannot prove it. Not my opinion, it is just where the facts point. So if someone preaches it cures, BS. There are thousands and thousands of people that have had extremely positive results and some are truly miraculous. But they are anecdotal at most. The truth is in the genetic makeup of a specific tumor type that has a reaction to cbd combined thc which causes those tumors and cancerous cells to basically slow down just enough to allow the body’s natural decomposition of the tumor. It is not a cure but a crutch. Once a tumor has broken down the body consumes it. Chemo does the same thing.

Cannabis is naturally a sedative meant to relieve pain. Always has been and always will be. No amount of dissection will change it. some of the benefits I found to be of real importance to anyone with illnesses and diseases such as cancer we all know. Side effects nausea you know the list.

What my true purpose is, is to help people remain ahead of the vicious predators out there preying on desperation. While I have been helping my wife fight this fight, someone came forward with what they claimed to be “A real Cure”. This person found her desperate parents and pitched them his cure. He was slick enough to snag a alot of money before I researched him out of my wife treatment. Hard lesson to learn. please refuse service from anyone claiming that they have a cure.

Also there is a claim out there about thc saturation. If you are on any conventional therapy stay away from the saturation program. The over toxicity of thc can greatly cripple common therapies ability to work. Thc in great quantities can reduce some chemotherapy’s effectiveness. Science has not completely proven this yet but billions of dollars a year are being spent on research to dislodge the imbedded thought that “pot is a drug and drugs are bad”.

I said in a post on another thread about changing strains if you smoke and find your tolerance is high.
changing strains is perfect so that you don’t have to smoke more to get where your comfortable. Comfort is the ultimate goal. When you change strains you are taking in a different make up so you get a different action. It is ok to switch from two to three strains if you like certain types of relief.

On a total different note. Here in Nevada we have Rec/Med. this is great because I can buy without giving up my rights. Anywhere in the country you surrender several constitutional rights in order to obtain a medical marijuana card. Just so you are aware read your state laws about these required sacrifices. To each his own.

Again I am sorry for such a long post. I have uncovered some fascinating things and some very ugly truths. I made a promise to my wife that I would check out every little thing that someone says might work and my work is far from done.

We both pray for all of you who are on this journey. Gloves off, bare knuckles from this point forward.

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