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Topic: swollen lymph nodes

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Posted on: Aug 5, 2011 08:45PM

irish22 wrote:

Yesterday I went to the ER because I've been having swelling in my neck for about 2-3 weeks now but over the last couple of days it had become painful and suddenly I panicked thinking the jugular clot had returned so I went to get it checked out. At the ER they wanted to CT my neck but I told them I had just had one done the day before with my 3 month scans so they called to get the results and see if there was new clot activity. The ER doc determined that the original clot was still there but hadn't moved and had decreased a little in size. However he mentioned that the pain and swelling was probably d/t to the swollen lymph nodes in my neck from the cancer. I left without asking him anything else on the report because I was upset and didn't want to know anymore. I wish now I would have asked if the swelling meant spread or masses in the lymph nodes or if the swelling was a side effect of the cancer, like my bodies response to fighting it and therapies. Does anyone know if you can get swollen lymph nodes even if there is no spread to that area? I'm pretty sure there's an issue going on there tho because of pain but wishful thinking right?

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Aug 5, 2011 09:07PM K-Lo wrote:

Right, Irish, keep calm. So easy. But don't we get swollen lymph nodes from strep throat and other things that require extra work by the lymph system?

I'm hoping your scan details will reassure you. Damn the weekend when we can't call our oncologist! When I did have to call the guy on-call one time, he was wonderful. That's what they get paid for, right?

Hope you get real answers soon. Glad your clot is smaller. I'm still on lovenox. (eyes rolling). Kathy

Kathy Dx 8/30/2010, IDC, 4cm, Stage IV, 8/12 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 5, 2011 09:11PM susan_02143 wrote:

I get swollen glands anytime I am fighting an infection. Always on the right side. In my case, it has nothing to do with cancer [well, the suppressed immune system does] and it means I need to make sure I get enough sleep.


... and its back. May 3, 2010 mets found. Four years hanging with NED on Faslodex * 1/1/2015 progression Dx 6/8/2005, IDC, 3cm, Stage IIb, Grade 1, 0/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 6, 2011 08:08AM Anne45 wrote:

Irish I am like you.  I think of things after I have gone home.  What I do is call the dr. after I think of all the things I wanted to ask but forgot.  Give the ER a call and they will tell you over the phone what the report says and what you are feeling with your nodes.  Please keep us posted. Hugs~Anne

Dx 7/29/2009, IDC, Stage IV, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 6, 2011 08:29AM apple wrote:

good luck.. a switch in meds took care of those swollen nodes for me.

peace and love, apple - ..... Mary Magdalen Dx 4/10/2008, IDC, 5cm, Stage IV, Grade 3, 4/9 nodes, mets, ER+, HER2+
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Aug 6, 2011 09:07AM Fitztwins wrote:

I think of it as your nodes are catching the cancer. Now onto zapping those buggers. What about Radiation to help with the pain, or is that a no no with the Clot?

Go luck.


Enjoy Every Sandwich. Dx 12/12/2004, IDC, Stage IV, Grade 2, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2+ Surgery 01/19/2005 Mastectomy (Left); Lymph Node Removal: Axillary Lymph Node Dissection (Left); Reconstruction: TRAM flap (Left) Chemotherapy 02/01/2005 Adriamycin, Cytoxan, Taxol Radiation Therapy 05/01/2005 External Targeted Therapy 06/01/2005 Herceptin Hormonal Therapy 01/01/2006 Femara Hormonal Therapy 06/02/2008 Aromasin Targeted Therapy 07/01/2008 Herceptin Targeted Therapy 05/05/2010 Tykerb Hormonal Therapy 08/02/2012 Tamoxifen Hormonal Therapy 06/15/2013 Arimidex
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Aug 6, 2011 08:55PM irish22 wrote:

I've decided to wait until my monday appt to get all my scan results and have it explained by my onc instead of the ER doc so there is no confusion or miscommunication and I don't freak over something that's nothing or get blind sided on monday when I was told something different. I'm hoping they'll be able to do something about the nodes, my neck hurts so bad it hurts to swallow and hold my head up. I'm a little annoyed that since I told the NP last month when the issues first started that maybe we could have caught this earlier before I started getting such bad swelling and pain.

Fitz I don't know if they can radiate with the clot, I'm hoping I don't have to radiate the area. I'm a little afraid of the radiation stuff. My grandpa did radiation for one type of cancer and got another cancer from the radiation.

Keep Calm and Carry On Dx 1/13/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage IV, Grade 1, 17/34 nodes, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2-