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Topic: shellismom, sandy...

Forum: Stage IV/Metastatic Breast Cancer ONLY —

A place for those managing the ups & downs of a Stage IV/metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Please respect that this forum is for Stage IV members only. There is a separate forum For Family and Caregivers of People with a STAGE IV Diagnosis.

Posted on: Aug 14, 2007 08:46PM

spicecakeforever wrote:

thoughts of you have weighed heavily on my mind these last few days..thinking of you, tending to our dear shelli's needs..
what a wonderful mom you are! it shines through in your daughter that we have known here, the recent couple of years...
and as shelli has told us often, we know you have been reading along...
last night i read through shelli's posts that are archived here...the one she wrote to me in regards to reconstruction was not, but i will never forget her kind, uplifting and knowledgeable post.
anyway, have an entire legion of sisters here holding you and shelli up in prayer, strength and goodness from the heart.. please let us know what we can do for you... Log in to post a reply

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Aug 14, 2007 08:51PM geeta75 wrote:

I think I can echo what Laura has said. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sandy, and she truly is a wonderful woman. Sandy, I hope to see you soon--anytime you want that cup of joe. Continue giving Shelli hugs and smoochies from me, and we'll chat soon.

Love you.
Dx 10/1/2003, 2cm, Stage IV, Grade 3, 1/8 nodes, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2+
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Aug 14, 2007 11:44PM katie11 wrote:


I hope - as we all do here - that Shelli is recovering well now. We certainly know that she is being well cared for.

Hugs to Shelli,

Katie xx
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Dx 7/15/2006, ILC, 2cm, Stage IV, Grade 2, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 15, 2007 02:48AM nixic wrote:

I 2nd what every one has already said, know that we love Shelli and we are rooting from the bottom of our hearts that she gets well soon!

Love ya Shell
Never lose hope! Dx 8/23/2003, IDC, 1cm, Stage IIIA, Grade 2, 7/11 nodes, ER-/PR+, HER2+
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Aug 15, 2007 04:32AM Fitztwins wrote:

Me too...I posted this under Shelli's thread.

Shellismom...please keep us updated. And I lift you up in prayer. I know it must be very hard for you to take care of your daughter during this difficult time. My mother is a 16 year survivor. She feels the need to stay close to me during this journey.

You have raised a wonderful girl and she is blessed to have you in her life. Take care of our Shelli.
People often forget the caregiver.

Enjoy Every Sandwich. Dx 12/12/2004, IDC, Left, 3cm, Stage IV, metastasized to bone/lungs, Grade 2, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2+ (FISH) Surgery 1/18/2005 Lymph node removal: Left, Underarm/Axillary; Mastectomy: Left; Reconstruction (left): Free TRAM flap Chemotherapy 1/31/2005 AC + T (Taxol) Radiation Therapy 4/30/2005 Breast, Lymph nodes Targeted Therapy 5/31/2005 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Hormonal Therapy 12/31/2005 Femara (letrozole) Hormonal Therapy 6/1/2008 Aromasin (exemestane) Targeted Therapy 6/30/2008 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Hormonal Therapy 6/14/2013 Arimidex (anastrozole) Targeted Therapy 9/4/2015 Perjeta (pertuzumab)
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Aug 15, 2007 04:59AM jansdaughter wrote:

Dear Shellismom, I am thinking of you and your family. As a caregiver to my mom, I know how hard it is to watch someone you love so much suffer with this disease. You want to do more but all you can do is make them comfortable and love them until they get stronger. I know you fight with her every single day. Take care of you too. We are all thinking and praying for your precious family. Dianne

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Aug 15, 2007 06:13AM - edited Mar 11, 2008 02:42PM by BethNY

Sandy, I know I don't have to tell you what a remarkable daughter you have raised.
She has handled the beast with grace, dignity, courage, and she continues to inspire all of us here daily.
We are praying for Shelli and for your family to find every ounce of strength to get through this.

Sending loving thoughts and cyber hugs in your direction!
Be your own hero
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Aug 15, 2007 07:01AM ForTheMoment wrote:


I just wanted to add my well wishes and encouragement.

All my best to Shelli and your entire family!

Love and hugs...
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Aug 15, 2007 07:09AM jacqniel wrote:

Sandy - ccntinued prayers for strength, healing and comfort. May God's angels surround you with love. Hugs, Jacque

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Aug 15, 2007 08:01AM lexi4 wrote:


Lifting you up in prayer for comfort and strength. We are pulling and praying for Shelli to overcome this setback. Please know that we are thinking of you, too.

Hugs and Prayers,
Dx 8/22/2005, IBC, 3cm, Stage IIIB, Grade 3, 5/6 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2+
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Aug 15, 2007 10:24AM joanne1428 wrote:

Hello to Shelli's mom, Sandy

I have a mom (Eileen) who has travelled with me together in this breast cancer journey. I am also Stage IV now, and she has been a key factor in my family's sanity.

I truly bless all mothers who are able to be there for their daughters, it is a gift in my life that I cannot ever fully describe or give enough thanks for.

Wishing you all strength and peace.

My hopes are not always realized but I always hope - Ovid Dx 4/2006, IDC, 1cm, Stage IV, Grade 3, 0/33 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2-
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Aug 15, 2007 02:24PM DragonladyTina wrote:

This is truly Shelli's fan club

Sandy...can you tell we love Shelli?

Live, Laugh and Love Dx 12/2/2004, 6cm+, Stage I, Grade 1, 0/19 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Aug 15, 2007 02:38PM ShirleyHughes wrote:

Sandy, as a mother of three adult daughters I admire what you are doing. It must be very hard. My daughters were here for me as much as they could be. I KNOW how important it was not because of what they did for me as far as cooking, etc., but just knowing the love that they freely gave to me was my rock. You are Shelli's rock. You, Shelli and family will remain in my prayers.
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference

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